Sunday, 29 January 2012

All out of creative juices

I just wanted to be creative today, but it felt like I was running on empty craftwise.   Wasn't happy with anything that I did.  One brayered card ended up in the bin! It was just rubbish,  this was the second effort,  in my view only marginally better than the first attempt.   In the end I decided to abandon all card craft and decorate a few boxes.   At least being let loose with alcohol inks allowed me to make something that I felt pleased with.   I contemplated making a tag,  but knew I'd end up with something I didn't like...  half crafting and half watching CnC for inspiration that never came. 

Weather is truly umpty,  last night at around 7pm the car was frozen,  by 10pm it was clear of all frost...  we had a mild night,  and a mild day - what cold blast?   I was supposed to be watching snow fall,  fat chance of that happening.

I'm meeting a friend tomorrow to open a business account, so bang goes any chance of any crafting.  Got GP appointment on Tuesday,  need to arrange to have a hair cut, and organise an appointment with consultant.   Fed up with wonky knee, was hoping knee replacement would improve life, but it hasn't,  still in a lot of pain,   and damn knee keeps on collapsing under me.    Then I heard about the hip replacement scare,  you do start wonder what they've put inside you and if it is safe?   I get most pain around where the metal meets bone, it is so tender I can barely touch it at times.   Apologies for the spot of self pity, but pain can wear you down.

The good news is that it didn't snow, so I can meet my friend tomorrow and get this account sorted, and then get an order all done and dusted,  the stupid Coop wanted us to hand over a thousand pound, then charge us for each ruddy transaction. 

May try some crafty stuff on Tuesday....   hope your weekend was better than mine.  Thanks for stopping by.

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