Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Deep impressions

A happy Wednesday!   My fran-tage powders arrived and I couldn' t wait to start using them.  I melted some UTEE in a metal container, as Mel had done,  then poured it onto the craft sheet, and then in went the powders,  with such a dull day it was hard to see the result - note to self, get a good lamp!   Then I reheated the lot and stamped in the butterfly.   Chuffed is the word.  I did take note of what Mel said about the stamps and only used my Indigo Blu,  which are solid rubber. 

So tickled with the first success I tried again. This time I added the UTEE a bit at a time,  which made it easier to melt,   for this attempt I used a heart stamp which has a lot of detail on it. Well of course I now want loads of the fran-tage powders! 

No time or rather no light to make anything,  so that will have to wait till tomorrow.   I know a daylight lamp would be the best thing, but they are out of my price range.   I am going to rearrange the room,  put computer desk next to craft desk before I become immobile again.  

I made this yesterday, using the a grungeboard flourish,  which had been inked, stamped and embossed.   For the background I inked and dylusioned the card,  then embossed it,  the red flower is actually a piece of ribbon just wound round and stuck together.    For the mount I stuck on a page from a book,  then dragged a black archival ink pad around it. It is a possibility for the ABAC challenge,  not sure yet.

Aside from the crafting it was a rubbish day,  the usual boring housework had to be done,  mum was in moan mode the entire day!   I made a midweek roast,  waste of time as she only ate some of it.   Got fedupitis I think.   This caring lark ain't what it is cracked up to be.  The gloomy days aren't helping either, I prefer the cold, crisp but sunny days,  not the grey clouds and mizzly rain.   No sign of gold chain, have searched the flat and it isn't here...    I was starting to feel paranoid about posessions, I have a nice rotary watch, which needed a new battery,  so just in case I 'lost' it, I strapped it to my wrist when I went to get the new battery,   just used the nice cheap shop in the Strand,   and got a bargain on the new and longer ASDL cable I needed. 

More crafty play tomorrow,  after I've rearranged this room! 

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Cassidy, those Frantage pieces are lovely - love the colours you've chosen. I was tempted too but so far I've held out. I did try out Mel's technique using the UTEE, EPs and glitters I have already, like you I stamped with a safe rubber stamp and was pleased with the result but it definitely needs more practice. Elizabeth xx