Saturday, 31 August 2013

I think this should perhaps be entitled 'tales from the boiler'.   Well the engineer arrived on Tuesday,  late afternoon, to fix it. I explained that it had been serviced etc.  So he checked it over, and blew the sockets again!   Next two new parts went in, though he was cagey about what was wrong - methinks last engineer made a mistake. So boiler repaired?  Well sort of cost the ignition switched snapped!   So that meant a return trip for engineer a day later, and what he thought would be a case of push on the switch turned into a half hour job!

So on Tuesday to pass the time I began to doodle.  I came up with this flower shape,  and just spent an hour or so messing with it, seeing how many petals to put on, or take off, and doing some zen tangling.  It was a very nice way to kill time.   I had begun to sort out the address book, or should I say address books, as mum had one, I've got one and then there was a joint one. It seemed daft to have 3, so I began to put the addresses into one book.  But as I went through mum's address book I got really tearful, along with the many names that had been crossed out, I really missed her at that moment.  It was seeing her handwriting, she had lovely handwriting, so unlike my scrawl. 

Then on Wednesday I had a really bad stomach,  one minute I felt fine, the next I felt awful, I'll spare you the gruesome details.  But when I began to feel better I sat in mum's recliner,  it felt so comforting to just sit there,  and again I really missed her.  So it was a bit of a tearful two days.   I told my counsellor, I have to say she was relieved,  she's said she thought I hadn't been grieving fully, or seemed to be stuck in one stage. 

Back to my tangles.  I began this on Thursday,  it was meant to be a flourish, but ended up as a tree.   I was using really soft pencils, and just relaxing when I was drawing the lines so that they were soft.   I picked up a really nice sketch pad in Smiths, it was  half price,  I had looked in Poundland, but theirs were only fit for kids and crayons.  Though they did have my favourite brand of beans, Branston, on offer!  There are somethings you can't compromise on, like tea and beans!

And finally my zentangle circle, this really was lovely to do.  It isn't quite finished as I want to fill in the border, but can't decide which pattern to use. 

I also watched Barbara Gray today on CnC, she revisited the gelli plate with Leonie, the latter was taking a bit too long, but I really liked the picture she made. 

And what a change in the weather?  Yesterday I was just in T shirt and trousers,  today I needed a cardi and some socks on my feet.    And in the supermarket I was left wondering about the logic of some people.  As I came round the corner I encountered a couple who must have bumped into a friend, but did they move to one side and leave room for others to pass, nope.  Instead they had spread themselves across the aisle, the main aisle, so anyone attempting to get past had to ask them to move,  it didn't seem to occur to them to move over even when they had let someone go through!    I kept on bumping into the couple,  they were aisle hogs, him especially. 

I need to turn my attention to making a card tomorrow.   So all for now.

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