Saturday, 7 June 2014

All finished.

My painting is finished,  the boat has some oars and is tied up to stop it floating off.  I'm pleased with it, mainly because I finished it. 

It was week two of the art class,  it was a bit scary as we had to do some sketching, copying pictures to scale, or in my case 'sort of' to scale.  I chose what I thought would be an easy picture, a straight street scene...  a little later the art tutor told me that such a scene was the hardest to do!  But I had a bash, and hadn't gone that far wrong. I got better,  not by much.  Then we did something called blocking,  I'm sure that with practise I'll get better.   Which is what I intend to do, picked up a few supplies on the way home,  and a small acrylic pad, which I can use for practise.  We had a few more people turn up for the course this week,  so now we have a full quota.   We  have a husband and wife who are a bit of a comedy duo, they had us in stitches at times.  It was a nice relaxed atmosphere, and we had some music at our request, well with us all concentrating it was rather quiet!

   I am in for a busy time, we got warned today that we will have homework.  Next week is also busy,  I have a photo walk round Liverpool, and a tour round the Albert Dock,  then counselling and Art Therapy,  and back to art class - phew. 

All the craft stuff has been stored for the art duration.  Unless I need a distraction.  I've lined up my next painting, I was going to do another beach scene,  and did start it but kept going wrong, I was demanding too much of myself.  I've chosen a landscape instead,  that involves some blocking, so it will be good practice.   

I hope this stormy weather has blown through, at least it saved me watering garden.

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