Tuesday, 24 June 2014

It's been a while

Apologies for not keeping the blog up to date.  I've been a bit busy with Harvey and my art project.  Somewhere along the line I also managed a counselling session and a new round of art therapy.

At art class last week we had to decide what we were going to paint.  I'd taken a few pictures at the beach,  and thought I'd use one of those. I was surprised to see that I was the only one who was being original, the rest were basing their pictures on other pieces of work.  That is allowed provided it is not a copy, or done in the style of. 

This is a dry run,  just wanted to have a practise and try a few ideas,and is nowhere near finished.   I'm much happier with my technique,  I'm learning all the time.  When I began I couldn't get the mix of acrylic to water right,  or even knew how to mix colours.  I'm getting better with both, and feel more confident.   I know on this that I've got the perspective on the small pier wrong,   but I can change it.  I found a way to introduce some texture,  I paint the water and then used my pokey tool to score into the paint, then I added some dark and light blue paint.   I'll be picking Andy's brain on Saturday,  everyone else on the course has been painting for a while, so I am the only newbie.  I've used acrylics for my craft projects, but never just for painting, or at least not properly.   A finer brush would help with the grass, and for more finer details. 

I want to do this as a study as well.  I took this last week during our the first of our art therapy sessions.  We were at the beach,  it is a semi creative writing/art project.   Me being dozy had misunderstood where we were meeting,  so there I was all alone, sent a text and yep, I was in the wrong place, or wrong end of the beach!   It was lovely,  not sunny, but even so it was good to be in the fresh air.   Some of us wandered along the beach, I collected a lovely piece of driftwood which I'll be using as part of my project.  After the class we went to the coffe shop at the baths and had a coffee,  think we kind of took the place over!   But it was so relaxed, a nice start to for our two newbies. 

And to end, the Harvey 'selfie',   I held my kindle in front of him and took the picture.    He's now happy to sit on my lap,  he goes out but won't leave the garden.  Last night he saw off an intruder, a neighbour's cat came in and Harvey was most put out!   I had to rescue the other cat, who was confused with the layout of the flat.   I just need to train him to stop waking up in the early hours of the morning.  He's getting better,  I now ignore him,  which is the best way.  I'm putting his fussiness over his food down to his settling in period.  He's a very clever cat,  he's already worked out how to open the cupboards,  he will also catch his 'treat' in his paw.   My last cat, Ms Mufti had been taken away from her mother too early, she was barely cat socialised,  she regarded me as her 'mum'.   But Harvey has had a better start in life and is fully socialised. 

And of course Wimbledon has begun!   I was determined to watch Andy Murray walk onto Centre Court as champion,   even made an early start to get some vital shopping,  milk/bread etc, so I wouldn't have to go after my other therapy class.    I did see the start of his match and then the chap came to service the gas boiler!  

Hopefully the next post won't be so long. 

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