Sunday, 29 June 2014

Thinking positive

I guess determination will help you succeed.  I've been a bit down about my painting,  I'm wanting quick results and of course that isn't how it works.    I've made up my mind to look for another art course after this one finishes.  There is just so much to learn.   Yesterday we were shown how to paint a sky,  I guessed that you'd use blue and magenta,  but who would have thought that there would be yellow in this sort of sky?    

I'm learning more and more,  my mixing is much better,  as is the blending.  I feel more confident as well, usually I wouldn't tackle any figures,  but this silhouette I thought would be easier, and it was.   Still got lots of detail to put onto the beach,  so it looks like there are lots of puddles. 

Not yet finished my piece for the art course.  I had to go home early yesterday as it was just too cold in the art room.  My back and knees were terribly sore,  I knew I wouldn't get much done if I stayed there, so I came home.  I left the art course piece alone,   I felt like I was getting bogged down with it.  That's why I did this piece.  Its from a photo someone had brought into art therapy last Thursday,  I couldn't resist it,  so the chap kindly allowed me to take the photo.   I did wonder if it was beyond my level of skill,  so I just took my time with it.  I did a test piece on some paper,  it's far cheaper than ruining a canvas.  Although if I go wrong I just wash it off and start again.   

I've just had a lazy couple of days,  I realised on Friday that I'd been out nearly every day, so it was time to recharge the batteries.   It was just what I needed. Same today I managed a lie in,  amazing really since Harvey usually demands to be up early.  I'd thrown my micro fleece dressing gown over the bed (it was a bit chilly last night),  Harvey tested it out and decided it was the bees knees!   So we both had a lovey snooze.

I think Harvey has now well and truly settled in,  he's sitting on my lap now,  not following me around as much and is eating well.   We still have a few teething issues,  such as his liking to wake up in the wee small  hours,  I wake up but I have no desire to be active!    The other night he slipped out without me noticing, so he got locked out for a few hours.    But last night I invited him to go out, he stuck his nose out of the door, realised it was raining and bolted back up the stairs - what a wimp.

Enjoy the new week, lets hope the sun keeps shining.

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