Saturday, 14 June 2014

My new flat mate

Meet my new flat mate, Harvey.  I picked him up today,  he was a bit shy at first, taking refuge under a bed,  but he soon settled in.  Not sure if he had actually stopped purring yet, he was in a very good home,  and has been well loved.  He's eager to go out and he can't, not just yet.  So he's padding round the flat!  In a week or so I will let him go out, when I feel sure has accepted his new home, and hasn't got any plans to head home.  Though if he does then he will have to swim! 

I've been looking for a cat for quite some time, but was determined to wait until the right one came along. I used Preloved,  what amazed me was how many owners hadn't bothered to get their cats neutered,  I find that irresponsible.   It was also the thing that put me off a few cats that were being advertised.    Anyway I spotted Harvey last night and sent a message to the owner,  we had a 'lovely' chat, and she invited me to come see him today.  Well I fell in love with him, he came over to me and let me fuss him, and allowed me to hold him.   So that was that,  and Harvey came home with me.   

I'm still painting, but now I am focusing on small studies so I can improve my technique.  I'm starting to get the hang of how much water to use with the acrylics,   these small studies are just perfect for this sort of thing.  I picked up a cheap acrylic pad,  and have cut the pages into quarters.  I will also do some colour mixing as well.  This 'rock' painting was inspired by the wall of rocks at the marina.  I indulged in a beach walk on Thursday, it was just too nice to stay indoors,  I drove down even though it isn't very far,  but the knee and back aren't up to a really long walk.  I took lots of pictures,  hoping to use one or two for paintings, and as studies. 

Harvey is at last having a snooze, on my bed, spoke too soon, he's up again.   He is very relaxed with me,  so I don't think it will take too long for him to really settle in. 

Well all for now, it is too hot to sit at a computer. 

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Cassidy, Harvey is just gorgeous - he has lovely eyes and beautiful colouring. It looks as though he has really taken to you and he will make a lovely companion. We had to keep Bonnie in for a week too when we adopted her but she soon made herself at home and the bottom of my bed is one of her favourite snooze corners. I'm expecting Harvey to feature in your posts now and again :) Elizabeth xx