Thursday, 26 June 2014


This is the piece of driftwood I picked up from the beach last week.   It is charred from a fire,  but has such a lovely pattern on it.  I've begun to put some frantage on it,  and I've got some shells that I'm going to break up.   And here's the poem that goes with it:

In amongst the river’s detrius
You lie:
Carelessly cast aside.

Scarred by fire,
Tossed by the sea
A survivor
Refusing death’s invitation

Yet I see the beauty
            Of your hidden soul
Warmed by the sun
Cooled by a dancing sea breeze

Now you lie undisturbed
Waiting to be discovered
By a casual eye
A curious mind

Will the see reclaim you
Before that hand
            Reaches out to you
But you will survive.

A close up of the frantage.   I resorted to using glue to hold it in place.    This is all for art therapy,  we're doing a mixed media piece,  and creative writing, hence the poem.   It was a nice way to spend the afternoon, even if it did mean missing Wimbledon,  though it might have been a different matter had Murray been playing.   Tomorrow it is back to painting,  I've now sorted out my picture, I use Craft Artist to have a play with various elements,  just to see where to place them.   Now I just have t execute it... easier said than done! 

Best get back to some other writing.

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BJ said...

Love what you are doing with the driftwood. BJ