Saturday, 27 December 2014

And that was Christmas 2014

So that was Christmas.   My planned walk had to be cancelled thanks to the weather,   it was cold, windy and wet!   Today is worse as it is now snowing.   Harvey has an upset stomach, not from eating too much but from stealing some raw chicken.   He was also the reason, well the main one, that I had to venture out today as he had no food, mind you I had no milk.   Supermarket was actually very quiet, they had the relief staff on,  so that the regulars could all have a rest.

I've been busy filling up my sketch pad.   Started with this character, Pinnochio, wasn't sure whether to draw him as the puppet or after he has turned into a little boy,  anyway went with the latter.  I realised by this time that I needed a bigger fine liner, if that isn't a contradiction in terms.  I used my promarkers for his skin, do need to get some skin tones pencils!    So Pinnochio crossed off the list,  what next.....

Charlie Chaplin,  honest,  or it is supposed to be!   He's slightly out of proportion,  think that may be due to drawing all the cartoons,  but it isn't too bad.   May go back and colour him.    I also attempted a portrait of Barack Obama,  it is sort of recognisable, but not happy with it.   I know where I went wrong,  which is why I was up at Hobbycraft again buying the book on drawing portraits.  I also hoped that they might have had the skin tone pencils, but nope,  in fact the art department needs a restock- asap.   It is almost down to its bare bones.     I had some money put by for an art splurge,  but only got the book,  another pad, more pencils and a couple of storage boxes, and ended up joining the Hobbycraft club!  Well you collect points and get money off stuff.   Yesterday I got 8p off a litre of petrol, since it was 1.12,  I therefore got it for 1.04!  Result.  Mind you that is what petrol should have gone down to, must be why Tesco is continuing with its petrol points. 

Well I drew Garfield so I had to draw Odie!  This was one of the simpler drawings, and only 3 colours.  Loving the Derwent pencils,  they take water beautifully,  you can colour as normal, but if you want you can go over it with a brush.  I have because I've been using the mixed media pad for the cartoons, the paper is rough so you don't get a smooth finish just by colouring.  

I turned a few of the cartoons into cards using Craft Artist,  love the cut out facility, it makes life so much easier.  My friends on FB appreciated the cards. 

Well as I said that was Christmas, same old thing for all of us,  all the madness (which I no longer participate in, and haven't done for years), the over eating (something else I no longer do) and the burn out.  I've laughed at all the supplements that have come with the Saturday or sunday paper magazines, all showing a beautiful table,  pristine cloth, everything gleaming, everything matching.  We all know what the reality is,  tables put together, a mish mash of odd chairs, stools,  no room for a table centre...  and as for all the recipes!   Let's face it we all cook the dinner, and buy the pud,   probably the cake as well if you like Christmas cake.   Two courses is enough for anyone,  the plates are laden with food, sprouts, roasties,  parsnips and another veg, turkey, chipolatas, stuffing...  and Christmas pud isn't light!   I swapped the turkey for chicken,  and didn't bother with pigs in blankets,  but had extra veg,  including roast parsnips - delicious.    Harvey ended up with a dicky tummy after pinching some of the chicken I'd put aside for him,  I was going to cook it, but he had it raw and so he had an upset tum. 

Yesterday we had snow,  thought Harvey might have been interested, but nope,  he wasn't bothered by it.  My old cat, Ms Mufti was always fascinated by the stuff.    It snowed heavily for a couple of hours and I was worried that it would still be around today,  fortunately it melted away.  I like looking at snow, I used to like making snowmen etc,  but since my accident and having to use a crutch I am afraid I don't like it any more.  

I did go shopping today,  found I had some money to spend - makes a change!   So I had a little splurge,   got the stuff from Hobbycraft, then popped to M&S,  found a nice pair of jeans and my favourite slouchy pants,  couldn't find a nice jumper in the sale sadly.   After that I went into Boots, intended just to get some make up, but ended up buying perfume as they had loads on sale.   It felt nice to be able to spoil myself a little, usually every penny is accounted for,  it still is, but this month is rent free, and no council tax either!    Meant to pick up some cat nip toys for Harvey,  but my back was killing me so I had to go home. 

And here's one of the cards I made, using an Elf what I drew.   That's all from me,   hoping you're all staying warm and safe.  Thanks for stopping by.

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