Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year

Here we are again, New Years Eve, already the fireworks are going off thanks to some idiots.  In a few hours 2014 will be consigned to the history books, not going to say: good riddance, it's not been a bad year in many respects, well not for me.   Not got my act together,  in more pain,  depression seems to be worse, but I am blessed with having a roof over my head,  food in my freezer/fridge,  a little money in the bank,  and I'm rich in friends.   Things could be better, but they could also be a lot worse.

As you can see I've been sketching again.  This is supposed to be a floating pyramid,  which I think is 'floating'!  Looks easy, but it is a little tricky,  the pyramid can be fiddly and I had a few issues with the shadow.

This is a droplet of water,  much shading went into this.  And guess what, yep I found the other blending stumps,  I'd stored them in my art bin with the paints,  yep very logical!  Wish I'd had a white pastel to make the highlights pop a bit more.  This took me ages,  I keep forgetting where the light source is, so have to remind myself constantly.   This is an exercise I'll come back to,  want to get it right.

And the 3D hole!  This has driven me nuts, got three versions of it so far. This is the best.  Got it completely wrong the first time,  it is all in the shading,  mess that up and the whole picture is rubbish.   I kept on being interrupted by Harvey who wanted to play, then he wanted to be fed, next he wanted to go out...   tried playing with him, he wasn't interested, put food down, he didn't like it,  let him out and he came straight back in!  CATS!!!!!!!!!     He can't go out now,  too many loud bangs around here.   He has finally decided to have a sleep. 

The midnight hour is approaching, albeit slowly.   So time to wish you all a Happy New Year,  and many thanks for visiting my blog. 

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