Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Only one day left

This was Harvey on Christmas day,  rather Bah Humbug!    You can just about see his nose,  he's peeking out in hope of getting one of his treats.   He loves playing with newspaper,   so the living room floor is covered with the stuff!   Oddly enough he doesn't like boxes, and I thought all cats loved boxes.   I got some new shoes the other week and put the box down, he just ignored it,  my old cat would have dived straight in.   So that is Harvey, the oddball.

A friend saw fit to challenge us to try an attempt to draw in 3D, so this is my first attempt.   I had to search for tutorials, found a few videos, but all were a bit fast!   Then I found one I could try, this one,  not sure if it works or not, it does from the right angle, but don't think I got it on the camera.   I knew it would be tricky, and it was, involving distorting perspective and the object, but I wanted to have a bash at it.   It is also good for other aspects of sketching.  I'm currently drawing bits of the face,  eyes, ears, mouth, noses....   in the hope that I can improve with practice.

Or should I just stick with the cartoons?  I enjoy all of it, and it is nice to switch between them.  I had a nice surprise today, a big box arrived,  inside were my skin tone pencils and my pencil storage bag - yippee!    I was getting a bit tired of all the tins, as nice as they are,  they do take up space.  So now the pencils are all in one place, along with rubbers,  bending stumps etc,  I can add more storage if I want.   Now just need the other things to arrive. 

I'm itching to take down the decs,  they're now getting on my nerves.  I want to put back my owls and buddhas, I've missed them.   I think they'll be coming down on New Years day,  then I can have a good tidy up.  Harvey is not liking the cold weather, it seems he doesn't like having cold feet!   He asks to go out, so I dutifully open the front door, and stupidly leave it open a little (so he can come back in),  and no sooner have I settled down on the sofa than he's back!   Last night he was Under his blanket!

Crummy sketch of Obama, eyes are too close together, face is too thin,  nose too big.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.  My other excuse is not having the skin tones, which do make a huge difference.   Today's efforts, a drop of water and crystal ball,  have yet to be photographed.  It was an exercise in shading,  which I enjoyed, it would be nice if I could locate my other blending stumps!    Must stop doing this, putting stuff away and believing I'll remember where I put it, cos I never do.  

Well it is all nearly over,  today it was quiet everywhere.  Went to tax the car,  was going to do it online, but didn't see why I had to set up a direct debit for a one off payment.  So I made use of the post office,  no doubt the bastards in charge would like to see the end of the post office, they seem to hate anything that is publicly owned.  The high street was very quiet,   I got a parking space very easily.  Even the supermarket wasn't too bad,   though considering the amount of food that was being bought last week they've probably got no need to shop until the end of January. 

Well best stop waffling...   hopefully I'll have more to upload tomorrow. 

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