Sunday, 21 December 2014

Panic, what panic?

The Winter Solstice,  the shortest day of the year.  And for us the sun managed to peek through the clouds.  I was quite happy to stay tucked up indoors.   Yesterday I braved the supermarket,  it wasn't too bad, the car park was busy,  not many trollies, yet it wasn't too bad inside.  There were the usual ditherers,  make a list,  especially at this time of year then you wouldn't spend half your time wondering what to buy.   Having said that I had a list and still managed to forget three items, luckily they were not essential. 

Yep been Festive sketching again.  I had a bash at this snowglobe,  not so sure about the Christmas tree!   I'm now tackling the Grinch,  he's been fun to draw,  just needs to be coloured in. 

Also found this character, he's called Max,  no idea which cartoon he is from.  I admitted defeat on his original antlers so made up my own.  He started out as three circles,  then you start to add the other lines and soon he starts to take shape.  I put in a snowman, and a tree, which is sort of better than the one in the snowglobe.  Think I need to practise my Xmas trees.  Need a thick outliner pen,  my chunkiest is 3.0,  a 5 might be better.

I've not just been sketching cartoons, but also cats, like this lion.  It is my very first attempt at a big cat,  I was using my proper sketching pencils and the mixed media pad.  Don't think he came out too bad. 

I do have to brave the shops again tomorrow, plus pay the leccy bill (electric to non scousers),  I found it rather rude of Eon to send me a bill at this time of year!  So its the post office, then Home and Bargain for my heat pads to ease the aching back and neck,  oh and got to post some cards...  managed to forget to send a few! 

Of course the usual telly has been consigned to the shelf,  why can't they leave the programming alone?    I did enjoy Strictly Come Dancing, but oh boy are there some moaning minnies on the official FB page!  Many take it way too seriously,  as for those complaining about the winner being able to dance well - does it matter?   Caroline, who won, didn't start off very well, but once she found her confidence she was amazing, loved her show dance.    Right, best stop bending your ears.

Thanks for stopping by,  have a lovely week.

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