Friday, 19 December 2014

Nearly here...

Yes Christmas is nearly upon us, everyone is now out madly shopping for whatever they don't need,  enough food to last them through winter,  booze to pickle an army,  and presents galore, remember to keep that receipt, half will all be returned, especially the not so sexy underwear or awful perfume.  Yes, bah humbug!  

Well I was up at the retail park, buying me my pressie, and I  had thought about going into M&S,  then I saw the madness and had second thoughts.  Many coming out with their trolley piled high with food, drink... anyone told them that the shops are shut for precisely ONE day!?  Men clutching carrier bags,  nice jumper, shirt... well one can only hope...   Meanwhile all the Xmas decs are half price.

I feel sorry for the shopworkers, who have had to put up with endless festive music, moaning customers, and greedy bosses who can't bear for their stores to be closed for even one day.  If I was in charge they'd be shut on Boxing day as well, and would close at 2pm on Christmas Eve.  No more of this nonsense about not being ready,  Christmas happens each year at the same time,  so you have no excuses. 

Yep been sketching again.  A polar bear and a soldier, rather like the soldier.   My trip to Hobbycraft was to get some colour pencils, as I intended last week,  decided upon a treat and went for the Derwent Inktense set, plus a nice fat sketching pad, well a mixed media pad, and a book on how to draw all manner of felines.   I can feel my confidence growing,  and above all I'm enjoying myself.   Harvey was unamused,  he's having his 'sulk' day, he has one each week.  He uses up so much energy at times that after three days his batteries run out, and he need to recharge with lots of sleep.  He was flagging this morning during his playtime,  but like a small child, he wasn't going to give in to sleep.   After his breakfast, with a full tum he settled down for a long snooze,  while I braved the cold and the wind.  

Already experimented with my new pencils,  colouring as normal and then adding water,  oh boy are they gorgeous.  I may redraw some of the characters and use the pencils.  

Going to brave the supermarket tomorrow, must be mad.  Harvey has plenty of food, took advantage of Tescos offer on Felix.  It's me that needs the food,  not getting turkey, no point, so I'll roast a chicken breast.  I want a cold and frosty start to Christmas day so I can head out for my walk,  I enjoyed it last year, met all the dog walkers who put a smile on my face.  Just received a card from my brother, stunned, last year he didn't bother.   Families! 

Well time to wrap this up,  I'll try to remember to take pics of my latest sketches tomorrow, in daylight.   Stay warm.

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