Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Putting the boot in...

Apologies for going AWOL,  I felt low and ended up with cystitis which knocked me out for a few days.  Not had that bad in a very long time.

I made do with some doodling for art, this was an exercise in shading, which is best viewed from an angle. 

This was about all I felt like doing,  of course there was the news about the new baby... I was annoyed at how all other news, including the Nepal disaster, was shoved aside.   Was there really any need for such saturation coverage?

 Mind you I also came close to chucking something at the TV last Thursday during the leaders debate.  At least the real public got to put questions,  a relief from all the other stage managed stuff. 

It was what inspired me to draw this boot!   Not finished, I started it today,  should be done by tomorrow.  Then I'm going to do a set of boots, guards boots,  the highly polished kind.   I used to have bull my shoes in the army,  it was very relaxing.  Everyone had their own way of doing it,  some melted the polish,  other's used spit, I used water, and cotton wool balls, sometimes I did melt the polish.   It took ages to get that glossy shine, especially on new shoes!  There was a floor sealant that we all used to protect the shoes so that they stayed shiny for longer.  Other tricks were using vaseline on the peak of your cap, brought it up a treat.   We also had horrible shirts,  huge,  with all sorts of stupid pleats, which had to be right,  well when you were in basic training!   They had detachable collars, which had to be starched,  there was a trick to attaching it, with the tie inside,  then came the windsor knot, nothing else was allowed,  only the windsor. 

I'm using a HB, H, H2,  2B and 4B for the boot,  when it comes to the others I will be using the coloured pencils,  greys, black and white.   I showed pencil collection to my cousin, she was amazed,  more so when I told her that I only had half of the collection!   She was most chuffed with the meerkat sketch, and the one I did of my mum.   I'd started another, then on Sunday I managed to tip over a full mug of hot tea...   it went all over the small table,  books, memo pad,  and carpet, oh and that drawing!   Luckily I'd put all my other drawings in my portfolio.  I was definitely having one of those 'weeks'.  

Well all for now,  more pics to come over the next few days.   Oh and then there is the election!  Tonight we had the Green party canvassing for votes,   the only one so far.  I live in a very safe Labour seat.  Ah,  Harvey has at last agreed to eat his food,  now I have a content and full cat! 

Talk to you all soon...

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