Sunday, 29 March 2015

New house rules...

Here he is, looking like butter wouldn't melt!   His new regime began yesterday.  Out went the chicken, and me stressing if he'll eat anything at all.   Instead down went his food,  no fuss, no announcement,  of course he didn't eat it, at first,  but being hungry soon made him change his mind.  Same today,  all bowls pretty much cleared.    He's trying to play up tonight, but he is being ignored.   He's darting in and out, while I freeze,  I'm sure they said that it was going to warm up.

It was the Big Painting Challenge final, and Paul won,  I thought it would be between him and Richard.  Both did excellent work in the final, but Paul just edged it.  Hope the BBC bring it back for another series.

It was art day for me as well.  I have really challenged myself with this piece.  First I had no confidence that I would be able to draw the hare,  but I managed to,  next was having the patient to do the background.  I'm getting there slowly,  it will be worth it in the end.  I really don't want to mess it up by rushing,   I'm looking forward to doing all the fur,  think it will take me the best part of the week to complete this. 

I ditched the landscape I was doing, it wasn't good,  I can do much better.  I'll use one of my watercolour books for ideas for a landscape,  but no tracing this time round, nope, it will be drawn by me!  Also picked up a tip on Youtube, this lady was using thinner to spread the coloured pencils,  have to try that, she was also using the same brand of pencil that I do.   The Derwent pencils allow you to use water, but the Faber Castell pencils are oil based.

She's finished, at least this version is.  There is a number two, which I am taking my time with.  But I picked up a flesh coloured pencil yesterday, it helped blend the other colours on her face nicely.   I'll have to get some really good quality paper at some point and see what difference it makes. 

This was one of the challenges in the Leisure Artist mag,  I will challenge myself to do a couple more.   Talking of the magazine and BPC,  there was another of the contestants interviewed, the poor chap that got voted off first.   It was nice to see his work, and that he'd had a positive experience on the show, plus he'd learned a great deal.  I hope they continue to feature the contestants, it's been interesting to learn more about them, and see their art. 

The lighthouse, finished!   I'd forgotten to complete the wall.  In the tutorial there had been a big tree, but I didn't want to do that, so I extended the wall.

The final tonight was from Dartmouth,  they had to capture the essence of the naval college, the draw the cadets marching, finally they had to do a seascape.  I felt sorry for the youngest contestant, she looked overwhelmed,  she didn't produce anything that would see her as the winner.   Nerves clearly got the better of her,  in the final piece she didn't even complete the painting,  she faffed about too much on one part of the painting.   I wonder if she actually stopped herself from winning,  was it all too daunting?  She is very young, and still learning, and like me, she hasn't found her 'voice', she will as she is really very talented.

Harvey is now in for the night,  and moaning about his food, well he can moan.   I've never known a cat to be so darned fussy,   I don't think he ever had any sort of regimen at his old home.   It will take me a few weeks,  but I am determined to change things so he is a much happier cat.

And it is East this week, how did that happen?   Seems to have come round really fast.   I'll be meeting up with my God-daughter this weekend, something to look forward to.   Enjoy your week.

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