Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Bricks, boots and a cat called Harvey...

New drawings, new challenges!    For me the challenge is to draw a mouse in this picture... tried twice!   Or maybe a can or beer?   The othe challenge was to try to draw, in colour, a realistic brick wall. 

I need to mess with this in Craft artist, and come up with a theme.  In the meantime I'm happy to just be drawing.  Usually after a successful piece of work I tend to dry up, which can be very frustrating.   So these are test pieces,  until I figure out what I want the picture to say. 

I kind of want this to be either the boot of a homeless person, or a builder,  or gardener...  still wondering how I arrived at this obsession with footwear!

Yep, more boots, and its morbid.  I came across a photo of a pair of cowboy boots and a lasso.  Not happy with this,  it isn't feeling 'right',  but I shall continue just to iron out the problems, then go back and do more with it.  As I am drawing it then more idead come to me, so I am calling this my 'ideas' week! 

Was looking at some mount cutters, saw one at a very reasonable price, but I kind of felt it was 'too' reasonable.  So back to the research,  and yes, it was way too reasonable for any hope of a professional finish.  The kit I do need is much more expensive, so need to save up.  In the meantime I found some made to measure mounts,  one allows you to upload your photos so you can see how it looks, all very useful.  I may buy the mounts for a couple of pictures, then make use of the stuff in Hobbycraft to make a frame.

Here's one I did a while ago, good to remind myself that I can draw other things when I put my mind to it!   Going back to the brick and boots pic, the first mouse I drew was okay, but was a bit too big! 

This is a hawk, can't remember its full and proper name.   I do remember how I enjoyed drawing this beautiful bird.   I love birds of prey, there is something so majestic about them.

Well my ambition to see these 3 magnificent Queens came to nothing.  I was partly defeated by my depression, but mainly by my physical disabilities.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to stand for any length of time,   which I would have needed to do in order to get a good vantage point.   I did, fortunately, find a live video link to the 'river dance', when the three queens sailed up the river and then turned together.  No mean feat in such a small river. 

I did pop into town yesterday and went to the cruise liner terminal,  so I did see the Queen Victoria.  The QM2 is coming back in July, so I may get a chance to see her then.  I have seen the QE2 and Brittania sail down the river, plus watched Concorde fly down the river, that was a sight to behold!   The Red Arrows made a brief appearance, our local paper said there would be a display,  er,  well there wasn't,  they dropped by on their way to Blackpool.   I was amazed to see how much coverage the event got,  it made most of the national newspapers, even those that hate Liverpool put at least one picture in their paper.  

And here is the happy cat,  full of fish.    He was being ultra fussy, all his own fault, he has been offered all manner of flavours of cat food and turned his nose up at most of them.  So today I got some frozen fish, just the cheap stuff,  he was snoozing in the airing cupboard.  Then he appeared, the smell must have wafted its way to his nostrils,   he couldn't wait for the fish to cool down... shades of Ms Mufti!   As soon as it was cool enough for his tongue he got stuck in,  ten minutes later there was a clean bowl.   Well he'll never be a fat cat,  far too fussy for his own good. 

And when will it begin to warm up?   I've just ordered a summer jacket,  will I ever get to wear it?  I'm still using my fleece!   

Let's all do a sun dance.

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