Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Hungry cat...

Is it the weekend yet?   I ask because it hasn't been a good week - mostly doing battle with the dreaded PIP form, oh and a howling cat, more of HIM later.

Inbetween all the stress I've enjoyed some light sketching, such as this little exercise.  Not quite as I want it to be, but next one will be better, or that is the theory!  I've been trying to capture glass with the coloured pencils, but find I am getting all muxed ip with the shadows.   I shall persevere! 

This is just plain old pencil, or graphite as the books insist on calling it.   A mix of H, 2H, HB and 3B, and a blending stump, oh and an eraser!   Much erasing went on,  at the first attempt the stems were wonky, then I got the order of the bases wrong..    doh.    Think the carafe is wrong, needs to be rounded. 

Onto what has been the main focus for the week - ballet shoes.   This is the forerunner of a new piece of work,  which popped into my mind today.   The main difficulty has been getting a decent photo as the colours I'm using are so pale.  I realised that I am short on the pale colours, no matter that shall be corrected soon.   It also gave me a chance to use the flesh coloured pencils,  I've used the palest one they do, and mixed it with cream.   The background will be darker, and there are more shadows to add.  I got to that point today when the picture began to 'pop',  amazing considering the stressful day.   I had settled down to draw, and watch the golf,  I bought a weeks pass to Sky Sports, but then encountered a few probs with my NOW box, it refused to recognise the new password.  After, just about, resisting flinging it out of the window I gave it one last go,  success!   So made a nice cuppa,  selected the pencils, got settled and...

Up comes Harvey wanting to sit on my knee.  No make that 'insisting' on sitting on my knee,  so he sat with me for about half an hour, lapping up the fussing.   He at least had a full tum, yep he's back to being Mr Ultra Fussy.  Last night he was so hungry, his own fault, that he wolfed down the food he'd refused all day.  This morning I got him some different flavours, mistake, he didn't like them...   luckily I had some frozen fish.  Cooked him a generous bowlful and it was soon gone.  

Here he is,  taken yesterday soon after his encounter with another cat.    The pair were howling outside for over an hour,  in the end I hauled Harvey inside.   He'd been most put out earlier when the other cat sneaked in,   Harvey went bananas,  the other cat headed for the spare bedroom where it got cornered.   I locked Harvey in the living room and rescued the other cat..   opened the living room door and there was Harvey, all ready to pounce, which he did, only to find the other cat had gone. 

After that came the howling...    I supposed it was better than late at night.   Which they also do. 

Looking forward to the weekend, it will involve a few early starts.  I hope to see the 3 Queens, Elizabeth, Mary and Victoria, come sailing down the Mersey.  I think there will be no chance of seeing the three of them leave on Monday,  but I might get to see them come in as it is so early in the morning.   Let's hope the weather holds,  not been too bad today, started off sunny, then went very grey and tried to rain, but the sun won the day.  

Was a tad annoyed with the checkout assistant,  the lady in front of me was struggling to pack her bags,  mainly because the assistant was going so fast.  Then I heard this lady say she has Raynauds, so do I and I know how painful it can be,  little wonder she couldn't pack her bags quickly.  Then it was my turn, the stuff came flying at me, I couldn't keep up either,   then I stopped trying to.  There is no need for these assistants to be so fast,  it getting ridiculous, they're not all like that, some pause while you catch up, but a few just don't seem to care. 

All for now...  

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