Monday, 25 May 2015

I saw three ships come sailing in...

 It's done, finished,  finito!   Though I need to add a  bit of shading round the feet, which I meant to do yesterday.

I finished the shoes off with pale and medium magenta pencils, yes I did go buy them.   Also picked up my art magazine, plus some posh paper, a frame, mount and tape.  Now I just need to get myself organised and start to mount the pictures and put them on the wall.

I'm tempted to have a go at framing,  hobbycraft have all the bits,  I may just try one and see what happens! 

Well with that picture finished it was time to start another, but what?


I wanted to show the pain that ballerinas endure,  I remember seeing a picture of a ballerina's feet, they were awful.   So I searched for a suitable photo that I could adapt, and having found one I set about creating this.

It is okay, the shading is a bit off,  but what I didn't like was the blood, it didn't look like blood.  The shoes simply looked as if they were stripey.   So,  I could make it bigger, or try with the original photo I had of the pink ballet, shoes but turn them black.   I did like the composition of this photo, I put in the skirt,  so I had a think, oh and a sausage butty...

And came up with this!   I used the pink ballet shoes photo, then searched for 'blood dripping',  trust me there are such photos!   Having found a few I liked, I downloaded them.  Now I was set up to do the picture...  then I thought I should perhaps tidy up the kitchen,  oh and get dressed!

I spent the afternoon on this,  it still needs a little more work on it,  the shoes need to be 'blacker'.  And there should be a bit more shading round the feet.   I used my silver metallic pencil for the 'floor' of the piece, doesn't show up on the photo, but it does in real life.  I used 3 different reds for the blood,  and the white pencil to pick up the highlights,  an oil pastel pencil will be used at some point to make those bits 'whiter'.  

It was also the day that the first of the Queens sailed down the Mersey.  My plan had been to get up really early and go see the QM2 sail in.  Well that was the plan,  at midnight some idiot decided to blast out music to entertain the whole road, around 20 minutes later the music stopped very suddenly - possibly due to another neighbour intervening.  Just what planet are some people on?   The music was so loud I could hear the lyrics!   Then a few hours later,  3ish,  guess who decided to wanted to play?  Yes, HIM, Harvey!   I think I dozed off again around 4 a.m,  and woke up at 6.30 a.m.,  too late to make it to see the ship come in.  Though the weather was awful,  and there was a lot of mist on the river.

Here he is,  still a bit bleary eyed from his early morning antics.   He was also the reason I needed to go to the supermarket, yes he needed food.   While I was there I got myself a couple of bottles of wine.  Paid for my shopping, and thought that the bill was a bit steep, so examined it and found I'd been charged the full price for the wine, which in fact was half price.  So off to customer service to point out the error, nice young man checked it all out, then gave me my refund... £20,  I was a bit confused but he said the other tenner was by way of an apology!  Result!

I did need a cheer up, and I got one.

Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend.   I'm off to see some ships.

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