Saturday, 30 May 2015

I saw a mouse... !

Well it is coming along,  the bricks are done, quite pleased with them.  Started on the boot, it has to look really worn, and I managed a mouse!   He can't be seen as yet, but he is tucked by the side of the boot,  as are the cigarette boots, and empty cans.   I've also begun shading the ground,  earth colours mostly,  I was thinking about a pool of water...  then thought that there was already enough in the picture. 

The bricks took ages,  lots of layering and blending, reds, browns, some blue.   Each one had to be done seperately, and then the cement inbetween was a mix of three greys, very pale, warm grey and a dark cool grey.   The grass is also a combo of greens, oh and some yellow.   Took about three afternoons to get to this stage.  Then I read in one of the art magazines that some chap took 3 months to complete a piece of work... !

Just about finished,  needs a few bits finishing off properly, like the cans, and more shadow.   And there is a mouse!  I had tried a few times to draw the mouse, and each time it looked awful.  I had nearly given up, but gave it one more go.   I also chose to hide him behind the boot.  He still needs to be a little darker,  and a little more definition around him.  

The cans were tricky,  had to really think about the light and shade,  more so with the crushed can.   The silver can needs a lot more work,  I was quite tired by this point,  well I'd been at from 1pm, and it was now nearly 4pm.  And you can spot the cigarette butts,  the tips were orange and a light brown, then I dragged in the grey with some cream to make them look grotty, but they could be grottier. 

Here's a close up of the mouse, quite cute really.  I would have liked him peeking out of the boot, but just couldn't get it to work.  

I was also watching the tennis, it is the French Open this fortnight.   Murray played a cracking match,  he's really in good form at the moment, just hope it continues into Wimbledon.    The other matches were a bit boring,  it will be more interesting next week when the going gets a lot harder for all the top seeds.  

I also discovered that I can now buy a week long sports pass for my Now box, which is great.  Before you had to buy a daily pass, which made it a bit expensive.  It also means I can watch more tennis, like the US open, and the golf! 

Still waiting for summer to begin,  not got any bedding plants yet.  But the garden is doing well,  the heather is looking fantastic,  the St John's wort survived its extreme haircut and is bouncing back, a few others are full of flowers.  The new tub is thriving, as is the replanted bush,  think it is enjoying having some new soil and compost. 

Was talking to an old family friend yesterday,  we discussed the weather, and that neither of us have yet managed to wear any summer clothes.   I took a risk and bought a new jacket for the summer,  managed to get myself a bargain from Cotton traders,  the jacket and sandals were half price, plus I had a voucher!   Now I just need the weather to improve.   I also discovered that a neighbour has been feeding Harvey!   She's agreed to stop now she knows he belongs to me,  though she said he was very cheeky and just wandered into her flat one day, then nicked her cat's food, he then proceeded to make himself at home.   No wonder he wasn't bothered about eating what I was offering!  

Got my PIP form filled in,  what a nightmare,  plus my hand was getting tired with all the writing.  Then on the day I posted it back I got a letter from them asking if I had completed the form, well I still had 10 days left to return it,  also they have taken nearly 2 months to send the form to me.  Just remembered, I didn't pay my bedroom tax,   oops, will pay it via the internet, plus I am in credit. 

Well got a new picture planned,  and it also includes a mouse, I am feeling brave now.   More tennis as well tomorrow, in fact it will be a tennis feast for the next few weeks. 

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