Friday, 26 June 2015

A cat, a president, a zebra and... the Dali Lama, why not!

What a week, came down with a bad bug,  knocked the stuffing out of me for a couple of days.  There is nothing worse than being ill, than being alone and ill. 

Anyways, before the bug took hold I drew this cat for the Cat challenge.  I worked very hard to get a glassy look to the eyes, think it worked?   This was a mix of H, 2 &3 H, 3,4, 6 and 7B pencils.   The darker pencils were used to pick out the eyes, and for the pupils, oh and the mouth,  using very, very soft pencil strokes.   This took around 3 days, it had to be a gradual build up to ensure that I got the look of fur,  so much time was spent going over and over the face, and a lot of erasing.  But I think it was worth it!  May now try to do a sketch of Harvey. 

The next challenge was a portrait.  I returned to one I'd had real problems with, Obama.  Not quite 'caught' him but it is a much better attempt than the first two.   I saw him on TV and noticed that he now has much more grey hair. 

Then the bug hit.  I began feeling grotty on Wednesday,  I also had an interview with my ESA advisor, which I came close to missing.  Not because of the bug, rather I had it in my head that the 24th June was Thursday,  good thing I have the calendar on my desk top.  

By the time I woke up yesterday I had earache, a sore throat and generally felt awful.   I had to drag myself over to the shop to get some milk,  that was all I managed.   Then last night insomnia struck,  had a real bad night of it.   Finally dropped off to sleep at 5 a.m...

Remember I said I was going to do a zebra?  Here it is!   This seemed to take forever,  especially the eye.   Never realised that Zebra's have brown eyes!  

Now I just need to find her a frame,  and a mount...  for which I need the mount cutter!  So tempting to just go out and buy it, but got to watch the pennies this month, car has to be taxed. 

Going to put my craft skills to some use,  and use some black paper... so best watch this space!  

I do like these profile pictures,   have to think of more to do. 

And to finish, the Dali Lama, who I hear is appearing at Glastonbury, who will now be isolated by China!  I've long admired this man, he has such dignity, and apparently as a wonderful sense of humour.   Sad that he has had to live the life of a nomad because of the Chinese authorities.  Last year I was able to visit a Buddhist monastry, and take part in a meditation.  The monks were so generous and gracious.  There was a real sense of peace inside the building, an old church. 

Everyone is banging on about practising mindfulness, and meditation,  they are two things that I do try to adhere to each day, I often fail.  And that is the point,  it is not important if you succeed in being mindful, just that you try.  Meditation can be so relaxing, but it does take practise,  just start with a few minutes each day and build it up. 

Right now I am fending off a cat invasion,  one of the neighbour's cats has taken fancy to Harvey and keeps coming in.  The other day I found it eating Harvey's food,   next it trotted in and made itself comfy in the spare room!   I've had to chase it out 3 times this evening,  Harvey is such a bloody wimp, he lets it come in, he only shows signs of bravado after I've chased the other cat.  

I'm having a very quiet weekend... need to get over this bug.  And be fit for Wimbledon!   Two weeks of wall to wall tennis...  can't wait.

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