Sunday, 28 June 2015

It's all about shoes...

Who remember's these?  The old wooden scholl's?    I had a pair and loved them, they were soooooooooooo comfortable.  My mum tried wearing them but kept walking out of them. 

This was for the challenge I set - Shoes.  Which seems to have stumped a few folk.  I thought it would be an easy one,  just choose a shoe, any shoe, even a slipper, or a welly.   I've realised lately that I seem to have a lot of shoes, most of which simply stay at the bottom of the wardrobe. Got lots of summer shoes...   just need summer!

I drew this Clarks sandal because I always wanted a pair of red ones, but never got them. When mum would take me to get a new pair they'd never have the red ones in my size :-(  I had a pair of brown ones, and white ones, which had to be whitened with that stuff in a tube.  They would always crack, and of course if it rained well the white stuff would always run off.  And you had to whiten your pumps for school!  Thank goodness for trainers. 

These days we have so much choice, though I don't approve of children's shoes that look like miniature versions of adult shoes.  And the best thing for a child's feet is, to go barefoot.   As a child as soon as I got to the beach, off came the shoes.  I'm happy to pad round bare foot in the flat. Never understood this liking for high heels,   I hate them, and have never worn a pair.  I did have platform shoes... just about managed not to fall off them.  I'm happiest in my casual shoes, preferably clog type shoes, that way I don't have to bend down to put them on - there is method in my madness.   I do have a pair of Chelsea boots that are so comfortable, the leather is nice and soft, plus they look great with trousers.    And many moons ago I had a pair of over the knee suede boots,  no idea what happened to them. 

Only a few hours to go and the tennis begins!    You'll find me plonked in a chair tomorrow,  sketch board at the ready, nice clean piece of paper, though I've got no idea what I'll be drawing.  Maybe a tennis player or two?  

Enjoy the new week, and take care not to catch too much sun. 

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