Monday, 8 June 2015

Happiness is... a bowl full of fish (just ask the cat)

More fishy tales...   or fishy doodles.   This one is based on a koi carp,  as in the one I couldn't get right.  Actually it was the scales that I kept getting wrong, now after some thought I don't need to put ALL the scales in, do I?  

This was done yesterday whilst I was engrossed in the Men's French Open final.  After Murray got knocked out I decided to support Wawrinka, or Stan the Man.  Didn't think he had much chance to be honest, but alls I wanted was a damn good match, and oh boy were my wishes met!   Stan the Man played the match of his life and won,  though I think Novak's semi with Andy had something to do with it, being taken to five sets must have put some doubt in his mind.    You can't really count his win over Nadal as being anything special as Nadal was clearly injured and lacking (oddly) in confidence.

Think this is my favourite of the two fantasy fishes.   I must have been in the mood for doodling.   This was completed Saturday afternoon,  after I'd watched the last bit of Murray's match.   I had high hope of him getting to the final then he went and blew it.  This was one time when he needed to come out all guns blazing!    Oh well, there is always next year... and of course Wimbledon is just around the corner.  He's in good form so, he could make it win number two!   It's Queens next week,  we'll all have to get used to this extra time between the French and Wimbledon.  It does make sense, gives the players more time to adapt to the grass, and to let the top stars have some rest.   For some odd reason I watched the Grand Prix... zzz, boy is it boring.  Why don't they rebuild these tracks so that there can be more overtaking, and thus a bit more excitement? 

And here is Mr Fishy face,  all he has been eating lately is - fish!   I don't mind, I get the cheap stuff which works out cheaper than the cat food, and of course there is the guarantee of an empty bowl every time.    This was taken after his fishy breakfast,  full tum equals happy cat!  The neighbour that was feeding him has now stopped.   She meant well. 

Well the summer togs are now being worn, so nice to have some warm weather.  It was a tad cooler yesterday, but that gave me the chance to wear the new jacket.  I noticed it had a big sticker in it saying 'deep dyed',  and that it should be washed before wearing.  So I washed it after I came back, well it was only a quick trip to the supermarket for milk and bread. After I'd parked my car I noticed a young mother using the first disabled bay,  she wasn't disabled, nor was the baby...  she had her phone glued to her ear.    Now the parent/child bays were just a few yards away,  but no, she had to park her fancy car in a disabled bay.   I kept catching up with her in the supermarket,  her phone remained clamped to her ear the entire time, the poor child kept on trying to catch her attention.  What the hell is wrong with parents these days, their bloody phone takes priority over everything, and I mean everything. 

Now I have to try to draw a wild bird...  that's the next challenge, and contemplate whether to do the card swap...  

Have a good week...

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