Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A parrot, a cat and a spot of mischief.

Finally...  a bird.  There was much gnashing of teeth yesterday when I tried this.  Today I used a grid,  and burnt some lavendar incense (to keep me calm).   Don't think he is too shabby. 

It was a wonder that I was calm,  the car tax reminder arrived as did the gas/electricity bill - a bit unfair having to pay both in one month!    At least the utility bill wasn't too much of a shock, in fact quite reasonable, a little bit down on last year. 

So it was just as well I didn't buy the mount cutter...  was tempted but it will have to wait a little longer.  Instead I got what I needed, new knickers and a new dressing gown, and at long last some bedding plants! 

This morning I had some help making my bed, or rather 'unmaking' it.  As fast as I pulled the blankets up, Harvey pulled them down, or dived under them...   he was in a mischevious mood.  Sometimes it is like being with a two year old,  and he is 8 in a couple of weeks.   At least he did not wake me up in the middle of the night, no I did that all by myself.   Not having a good time healthwise.  My spondylosis has really flared up,  I've had burning, shooting like pains all day from the neck down to my hands, mainly the little and ring finger.

Yesterday I just went to get my prescription, just picked up some milk and bread in Iceland, which is next door to chemist.  Car was parked just round the corner,  so didn't have far to walk.  Even so when I got back into the car I had cramp in both feet,  my left heel was numb and my back was in agony.  Got home and couldn't get up the stairs!  The painkillers aren't touching the pain,  I felt really fed up yesterday,  think that was why the sketching went wrong. 

Couldn't face cooking, so made do with one of those new Birdseye Sensations meals, a pasta meal.  It was actually very nice.

Today was the same,  parked right outside Hobbycraft, got my new book.  Then moved the car down to M&S, a few hundred yards.   Just about managed to walk round the lingerie dept before the back began complaining.  I'd had to leave the bag with my few bits from Hobbycraft in the car,  it was hurting to hold it.   I so wanted to just wander round a few garden centres, but it was just out of the question. 

I've booked an appointment with the GP, and I am going to demand a referral, I am fed up of being fobbed off.   And don't get me started on this bloody government, Cameron has revealed what a liar and con man he really is.  He has no bloody backbone, tries to be a dictator then backs down as soon as he is challenged.   No he just picks on those that can't fight back.    I have a PIP assessment next week, if I am turned down I lose my blue badge, which let me tell you is the most precious thing in my life right now,  and money that helps me pay for a cleaner.  Yep, it has come to that,   it is a neighbour,  and I am happy to pay her to clean my flat.   Will also need to find a decorator soon as the kitchen needs a bit of a spruce up.    Once upon a time I could tile a bathroom, decorate any room, put up wallpaper,  even shelves, and manage to put flat pack furniture together... not anymore. 

Oh I did have a smiley moment today, when the BBC reminded the Tories that the last Chancellor to enjoy a surplus for several years was.. Gordon Brown!  

Right I shall gingerly get off my soap box...  hope you are enjoying this lovely weather,  so much nice to have sun on our backs.   It also struck me today how cheerful people look in their summer togs!

All for now...

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