Friday, 5 June 2015

A fishy tale..

This weeks challenge for the art group I belong to is: fish.  Apt really as Harvey has been enjoying a few fish suppers these last few days. 

I had started another fishy picture, but then decided to do something a bit less complicated - like Nemo!  I drew this whilst nervously watching Andy Murray playing in the semi finals at the French Open.   I was relieved when he won the 3rd set,  which seemed to rattle Novak.  Then blow me, play was suspended!  Which has kind of upset my plans for tomorrow which had been to go see the tall ships in Liverpool...  now I need to stay put and watch the rest of the match. 

Now this looks like a failure,  but it was my practice run at a koi carp,  made a mess of the scales, which I knew I would, cos the match had started and I wasn't paying attention.  Hence the dry run at it, on an old piece of paper.  I've worked out were I went wrong with the scales,  so next version should work - fingers crossed.   I was following an online tutorial,  Mark Crilly, look him up (on Youtube) because he is a great tutor.  He breaks everything down into easy pieces and has a nice relaxed style.   I've learned a great deal from his tutorials.  

This is the other work in progress.   I didn't do any art on Monday or Tuesday,  just didn't feel like it.  Then when I began on Wednesday, everything I did seemed to go wrong.  I knew I was trying too hard so I went back to what was familiar, and easy.  Not been a good week,  mood has been low,  the weather was rubbish,  and an awful lot seemed to need doing in the flat, which of course I can't do.  A neighbour came to the rescue, the one that was feeding Harvey, she tackled my oven, and put up the summer curtains.  She even vacuumed for me.   She is one of life's treasures.   With the flat looking brighter, I felt my mood lift a little,  then my new togs arrived, well a jacket and new sandals.  Now all that was required was some summer weather, and blow me it arrived yesterday!

I had to go out to get my prescription, so wore the new sandals, they are a nice bright colour, turquoise,  a colour I do like  very much.    I popped round to my hairdressers to make an appointment, it is only a short walk from the chemist,  but it took only a few minutes for the pain to kick in, knee and back.  So plans for a walk around the garden shop were abandoned, just got some stuff from Iceland, fish for Harvey, and a few ready meals for me.   That was my lot, I hobbled back to the car and went home.    Today I got my hair cut, feels so much better, not my regular hairdresser, he is in Ireland doing a charity cycle ride!    It was Cathy who did the cutting today, she is very good, and it was nice to know she'd had a busy week.   So the hair is sorted, the flat looks respectable,  Harvey is full of fish, and can I hope that the summer weather is here to stay? 

Have a good weekend...

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