Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Buttons, bunting and bricks!

Just two more days of that blessed referendum.  But back to more interesting things:  Buttons and Bunting!  The little shop has been coming along very nicely.  Since I last saw you much progress has been made.
After completing the front wall I gave a coat of light grey,  which does resemble mortar.  Once that was dry I got out the paint,  a bit of this and a bit of that, this time I applied it using a bit of cut and dry foam, this meant that you could actually see the mortar for a change.  Must say it is rather a nice finish.  I kept going until I was happy with the colour, then I gave the lower half of the shop front a coat of raw umber. I had to trim the bricks back a bit so that the frontage would fit nice and snugly.   That was all put aside to dry, while I assembled the windows and doors.  Next job was such a task,  put dinner in microwave!   Having chilled meals this week, can't be bothered to cook.

This is how complicated it can all get.  This is the front door to the shop, it includes a vestibule area.  To hold the two parts of the door together I used some clothes pegs. 

Today it was all about assembling the various bits and bobs for the front of the shop.  I inserted the shop sign,  made using Craft Artist Pro.  The front window took some persuading,  just got a little too much paint on the inside of the window aperture, once that was sanded back it slotted in perfectly.   This shop has two pillars, and a small ledge that goes on top of them.  I used some gold paint on the sides of the pillars, and round the edge of the ledge.

Last few jobs of the front, glue on the door,  then the window shelf,  and the smaller window ledges.  Phew,  the door was a bit fiddly,  it had to be raised to accommodate the floor, luckily I did remember!  So one shop front all done.

I've also used the brick mask on the other walls, so those three require painting and some finishing off.  Then the final task will be the roof, as it always is.

I clean forgot to take any pics of the new plants.  I managed to get them in on Monday afternoon when the sun finally made an appearance.  I used my little stool, so I could sit and take my time, but not put any strain on my back.  The new rose is beautiful,  I will need to do some dead heading,  but it has lots of buds on it.  The fuschia has settled in nicely, as have the bedding plants,  though one is a bit too droopy for my liking, hoping it will perk up. 

So tomorrow is the big day and my third vote on the EU.  I wish Cameron had taken a back seat in all this, that man truly gets on my nerves. He is so bloody patronising, as for Boris,  his shambling man act is wearing thin.  Did you know his father is voting to remain in the EU?  Mind you Boris wasn't sure was he, he'd written two articles, then what, did he toss a coin, best of three was it?   So not exactly genuine in his convictions.    It would have been nice if the remain campaign had also focused on the positives of EU membership, many communities around the country have benefitted greatly from EU money.   Instead we got fear and threats from both sides,   I stopped listening to them.  I am wondering how the Tories will put their party back together, can we hope that they just might tear themselves apart?   Anyways,  tomorrow we get to have our say,  then of course there will be endless analysis. 

So I think I am now deserving of a glass of wine.  Wonder if we'll be in or out when I next blog?  Don't forget, remember to vote!

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