Friday, 22 July 2011

Being crafty...

So got brayer,  have big and juicy pad,  best to start using it?   First attempts were rubbish,  off to Youtube to look for tutorials...  ten minutes later I am armed with brayer...    another rubbish attempt,  but keep going and hurrah - success!   See picture for proof.  Yep finally got hang of it,    now need to try masking and the reflection technique.    I may need to get some Barbara Gray stamps,  I love her work, she is so clever and makes it look easy! 

I also have another inspiration book to make, so I think I'll be using the brayer - which probably means buying another big and juicy pad! 

I did also make more pages, will put more pics up in next few days,  tho there is one page I am not happy about so will have to do it again.   Did this one yesterday,  I remembered the cat stamp I had - love this inspiration book as I'm finding old stash and using it up!   Punched the border, mitred the corners,   then used some buttons from Klara's Crafts, she makes her  own from fimo, she is so talented and is always making something.   Just wondering if the cat stamp needs to be enamelled?   Always looks better when it is glossy, or perhaps I could use glossy accents?   Mmmm,   need to think about that.

I hadn't realised I had a butterfly theme going!  Oops,  didn't mean that, but then again flutterbies are lovely.   Used the Tim Holtz stamp on this one, well two, one is a sort of smudge, so used that to make the border,  I like the chap with umbrella,  and one of his discs. 
I also found a new poky tool, well not new, but can't remember when I bought it,  but it is nice and thick so makes bigger holes. 

Weather is picking up,  managed to walk through to high street,  thought at one point it was going to rain but it kept off.  Had a look in all the cheap shops for an Owl,  yes an Owl, suddenly I need to have an Owl!   Keep on seeing them,   the one in the garden centre was way too big,  ideally I'd like a plain wooden one.   I also need Klara to make me something....     Going to start altering bedroom decoration,  getting a bit tired of this look... 
Have a good weekend all, catch up with you on Sunday.

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Kokobean said...

I wish I was that quick with the brayer! Well done you! Definately go with the glossy accents! I love that cat stamp, think I have one similar somewhere, need to dig that out. I'm loving all the pages for this new book, the way you're going, I can see you wanting to keep it!!
Karen x