Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ugh, muggy weather

Far too warm and clammy for my liking,  don't mind blue skies and sun, but the sticky, humid stuff...  yuck.

So it was time to finish off a few challenges,  this one (see pic) has been waiting to be stuck down since beginning of June.  The theme was green and purple, well that only means one thing to me - Wimbledon!  I went through my old photos and found some I'd taken when I was there in 1981,  which shows how the place has changed over the years.  Again the Slice came in to play for the lettering - Zo thank you for your comments,  I'd like a cricut but can only afford the Slice,  but it is a very versatile machine and I wouldn't be without it.  Lettering used to be the bane of my life, especially with scrapbooking,  the Slice is far cheaper than buying endless alphabets for the manual die cutters.  

The second page is my retirement party which was last June!   I was going through the photos and realised that nearly all have moved on to new places of work,  same employer,  well for all except one,  must find out what she is up to these days.  It took place midweek,  and we went to a Chinese,  it was a shared party, I was retiring and Kirsty was leaving, she was heading off for America!   Mean was okay, but sadly Jane got food poisoning, we ended up in pub across the road,  I departed about 11 pm, left them to it,  not sure how they all got home, a few didn't remember getting home!   I still keep in touch with them,  call in every few weeks, have a cuppa and a catch up.   But glad I am not there any more,  less staff, more work... meanwhile a few bosses invent daft schemes just to justify their existence. 

Also watched the Women's open,  sadly it was poorly attended,  shame,  also a shame that the BBC didn't devote more time to it, in fact it would be nice if they did devote more time to women's sport in general.   Of course when Wimbledon is on the usual moaners go on about the women only playing 3 sets,  well that was not their choice,  it was decided for them many years ago, some man thought that women couldn't possibly play 5 sets of tennis!   I think playing 5 sets at the majors would improve the women's game.   And the men can be just as boring.  

Hope you are managing to stay cool where you are, thanks for stopping by.

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