Sunday, 17 July 2011

Some crafting!

At last back to crafting.  Though I think the break did me some good.  Started another inspiration book, this one is for a friend.  I kept this page pretty simple,  just card from papermania (6x6 basics),  and some Anna Griffin stamps, the corner stamp,  bought the set ages ago,  it's very useful as it has swirls,  corners and tons of other fancy stamps,  all useful for finishing touches.   The Slice also came in handy, used the Findings software to make the key and the lettering (using the shadow option),  and Basics 1 for the other letters.   I also inked round edge of quote,  and discovered I need more refills for my inker, or whatever it is called.   Think I may buy the padded version,  I find this one a bit hard and not as easy to get a smooth finish. 

Then I moved on to page number 3,  since my friend liked one of the pages in my book I replicated it, but used different colours and a different quote.  I chose pink,  since it will go opposite the green page (above),  and used the fairy stamp,  plus some pretty flowers of a delicate pink colour, or is it Coral?   I may add a bow, not sure yet,  needed to let the pinflair glue dry before adding anything else.   I'm out of 3D tape, was sure I got some at the craft fair! 

Was going to start on page number 4, but that is when I realised I was out of refills for the inker,  needed it to ink round edges of next piece of card.  Rats...  far too late for me to nip up to craft shop.  I had been engrossed in the golf,   it was nice seeing Darren Clarke win,  such a lovely chap who has had a rough time of things, so time the nice guy won! 

All back to normal here,  mum arrived back yesterday,  far too early for my liking, thought she'd be back a bit later!  Oh well.  Was going to do some crafting yesterday, but my sister hung round, so it seemed a bit rude to disappear, then blow me she gets out her laptop and proceeds to spend the afternoon on it!   The weather wasn't fit to go anywhere,  a really soggy morning,  slightly better in the afternoon,  but absolutely dreadful today,  been raining since early morning.    Can't complain too much, weather was decent last week, so I managed to get out and about, even caught the sun! 

All for now,  thanks for stopping by... hope you had a good weekend.

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Kokobean said...

Glad your crafty juices are flowing again. I'm off in a few mins to do this months challenge and card - see you soon
Karen xxx