Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Well it is Wednesday.. .

And I'm hot and dripping,   fed up of this menopause stuff.  I washed my hair this morning, it looked really nice till the first hot flush, then it was as flat as a fluke. Why do I bother! 

Summer has returned,  I enjoyed  a pleasant hobble to the high street.  Stopped to watch men painting tower block,  which may not seem very remarkable, except they were all dangling from ropes, it looked very precarious. 

Today it was over to Hobbycraft, to get a few bits for wedding stationary,  and hoping for some inspiration.  Didn't get much of the latter,  picked up a few bits and bobs just enough to make up a few samples.  I also got the embossing tips for the Slice,   I have the daft idea of embossing the invitations...   I also spotted a half price CD rom on - wedding stationary!  Grabbed that,  and it has proved very useful already, has some nice designs for favour boxes.

Found some wedding stationary templates on the microsoft site,  ther is no way I'm attempting to write on them,  my handwriting is appalling.   Going to keep them simple,  nothing fussy as my niece is the unfussiest person I know.   I also have to come up with some table decorations!   I think it should be white and gold,  the wedding is in the Spring, so I'm thinking of daffodils, which lets face it are a very cheerful flower. 

Pic on left is my swap card for July, the thankyou for the fat page book.  And partly why I wanted the brayer, for this card I made do with the ink blender,  and used my Owl stamp,  with my Slice providing the lettering.  

Well one year to go to Olympics...   9 billion has been chucked at it so far.  Sometimes you wonder if we get our priorities in the right order.

Thanks for stopping by.... 

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CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab card, wish I had a slice as I struggle with letters. But oh well, spent enough lately! It's really muggy here today not a lot of sunshine but hot. Zo x