Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Now very soggy...

A bit tired of this soggy stuff,  it wasn't on my summer order,  I made sure mine said:  SUN for May, June, July, August, September...   humph. 

Yesterday was diabolical,  I had to go to craft shop, (honest!)  to get ink blender,  ended up also getting big and juicy ink pad and a brayer... not sure how that happened!   Had nice chat to assistant,  she was showing me all the new stuff that had come in, new pro markers, the new nibs for them....  never realised that there was THAT many pro markers.  Later I went to my drumming class, we went through our entire repertoire,    I was surprised by how many we've managed to master, well almost master.  Then we had a go at new routine,  I was doing fine till I looked at Lisa, who was next to me and she was in a mess,  that threw me off. 

I am a bit pleased with myself as I managed to get a lot done today.   Aside from the usual stuff like the supermarket shop...   I finished my first essay of my course,   got swap card in post and made two more pages of the book!     Think I was most chuffed with the essay,  been a while since I did any academic work so it was nice to know that I had remembered how to do it.    Now can't wait to get the next bit of the course. 

With the book I am copying a couple of pages as my friend did like them,  not making exact copies,  I'm enjoying using the different colours,  it will be a rainbow book :-)) 

I was also rummaging around for some DST and came across some of my old stash,  at long last I can make use of it.   I used the dragon fly 3D sticker from a very old Anna Griffin kit,  totally forgot the stickers were still there. 

I'm also liking the new blender,  makes like much easier.  Had a go with the brayer,  not bad results but I do need to practice with it to get a more even result,  but it was fun and it is something new.  I do like watching Barbara Gray, she is so talented and makes it look very easy, which is certainly isn't.  I may indulge in some of her stamps.

Was also annoyed as my Stayzon stamp seems to have dried up!  Needed that for stamping acetate,  only used it last week and it was fine. 

All for now...   just hope the weather improves.

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