Monday, 5 September 2011

Wedding fever

Had to find thinking cap and start coming up with ideas for my niece's wedding stationary, only she's not given me much to go on.  Sent through a few ideas,  which she likes,  so will keep going till she says which one she wants.  Also have to come up with table decorations.   That had me stumped,  thought candles would be nice, but how to decorate them?   Found some free stuff on the Martha Stewart site,  and one design used a decal,  well moved on to Google,  searched for make your own decals, and sure enough you can - yippee.   These are the waterslide decals, ordered them through Amazon. 

In meantime I've been knuckling down to the invites,  this is the latest.   Had a look round for pics of wildflowers or spring flowers,  saw this pic and loved it.   I can print these as well, so saves a bit of time, the squiggly bit is a stamp,  tho I'm also thinking of ribbon. 

This was another card I came up with,  similar idea,  using a printable design,  mat and layer it, then used the left over bits from a punch plus a stick on pearl.   But that would mean a lot of fiddly stuff to do, luckily it will only be 48 invitations,  if it were 200 I'd be just looking at printing them!

Then today as I am making these cards I get an e-mail from a friend, my first thought was that I'd not heard from her in a while,  so thought it would be a catch up,   and instead it was giving me news of the death of an old colleague.   It was such a shock,  she'd only retired in 2008,  and was only 64, which is no age these days.   She was the person who trained me and whom I worked with the most.   My other colleagues told me she was a bit an of an odd bod, and she was, but in a nice way.    I got along very well with her,  and we did eventually become friends,  she wasn't an easy person to get close to,  reluctant, or shy, I'm not sure, but she seemed to prefer her own company.  Well in her later years,  as in her youth she was a go getter.  The news really did knock me sideways,  I sort of felt she'd go on for a long time,  becoming ever more endearingly eccentric.  

Rest in Peace Jillian. 

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