Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

So here we are again, another New Years Eve,  and we're all waiting for midnight!   Which is a bit bah humbug and I'm not feeling in the least bit bah humbug.  Just wondering if I can stay awake till midnight cos New Years Eve telly is diabolical.  Yes here I am on NYE at home,  just like thousands of others.   I've done NYE,  in London,  in fact, here, there and other places.   I just now choose not to be walking home at 3 a.m., in the freezing cold. 

So what was I doing earlier on this NYE?  Housework, yes that is right, housework!   Well the place was begging for a spruce up, so washed windows,  nets and vacummed... rest can wait till the decs are down.   Before that it was a bit of shopping, got a laminator at Aldi, love a bargain, and at £12 that was a bargain!    But how come I ended up in Sainsburies buying the food?    Aldi had the basics, but that was it, and no loose fruit,  what use is that?   I don't need 12 satsumas!   Also indulged in a very nice red in Sainsburies, going down a treat.   Then on to cake shop, only they were short on cakes!   This was only 11 a.m.,  so the crowds must have been up very early today.    Well the shops are going to be shut for.. a few hours.  

I'd like 2012 to get off to a good start,  I'd like to be more organised, starting with my room,  and decluttering the cloakroom and airing cupboard.   Do not wish to dither anymore,  even I know I feel better when I get on with stuff.   Only one actual resolution,  and I'm keeping that to myself!   I don't usually make resolutions,  and I'm trying not to think of this as a resolution,  that way it may just work. 

I wish you all the Very Best for 2012,  I hope it is a good year for you.   Thanks also for stopping by,  it is much appreciated. 

Happy New Year

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