Monday, 3 December 2012

And it's Monday!

Just 22 days to 'you know what',  I've got two presents, no cards and the decs are still stuck in the loft!   But my Advent Candle arrived,  so we lit it tonight. 

I had my brother here breaking up a chair - don't ask.  He's crocked, I'm crocked, but between us both we managed to dismantle it.   Like to thank my nephew and nephew in law for being SO BUSY,  to offer any assistance!   Busy as in playing 5 a side football etc. 

Today I got to post my Advent pic on a FB group I belong to, so here it is!  Used three of the new set of Indigo Blu stamps.  Rummaged through the Christmas stash for the dotty paper,  also found some mirri board, and gold thread,  plus some glitzy ribbon, oh and some reindeers.  The latter will do for the two young nephews.

Had a quick look round the challenges,  think I can manage a couple this week.  The old mojo is flowing now,  best keep it that way.   Still no car, it is waiting for the computer to say yes... there is something to be said for old motors,  you can lock them when the battery is flat,  and the fault finding is easier. 

I have all the components cut out and stamped for the December swap,  just need to assemble them all now.     I do have some craft goodies on the way,  I'd forgotten that my membership for CnC was automated,  so I had ten quid to spend yesterday,  fancied more fran-tage,  and had a nice surprise when the bill came to £1.79!   The postage was only a quid. 

Hopefully I should have the blog suitable attired for the festive season by tomorrow.   All for now... stay warm

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