Sunday, 30 December 2012

And that was...

...Almost 2012, a very soggy year.  Just one more day to go and we get to do it all over again.

I decided to start my Craft/Art journal,  I'd already made the front cover so it was time to move inside.   This is to explain what the journal is about, so thought I'd start with Art Room, and made a tag,  lots of stamping going on here using my new stamps, and some faux hinges which were covered with copper embossing powder.  Then lots of stamping on the page itself. I don't want too much white space this time round, and the tags or pieces will be kept as flat as possible.  This took a whole afternoon,  well 2 and a bit hours, with the inking and stamping, waiting for stuff to dry...   

Here is the two page spread,  still got to put in some writing,  think I'd like it to be a poem. This also had some stamping round the edges,  the 'room' tag is a mini tag that has been inked and stamped,  then I added the letters.  The red tag was going spare but I like it so much that I had to add it. 

My new stuff from crafty individuals also arrived on Friday. 

Very happy with it,  I'd forgotten what I'd ordered!   Lots of stamps, of course, and a carriage clock that has to be decorated.  That will be some project for me as I want to try lots of new stuff, like crackle glaze and other techniques.  I decided that the stuff from crafty individuals would be paid for out of my Christmas money.   They also sent me a few mini stamps as a thankyou for my order,  rather like the craft barn, but a lovely touch.  Just need the Umount now,  which of course I should have ordered at the time... I had enough to back two stamps.  Just hope my craft shop has got some in,  it is something they run out of. 

This tag is made up of another new set of stamps, all Paris orientated.  I used TH distress inks on the tag,  brown and red, don't ask me what silly name they have on them! 

Then I had an experiment...  with the UTEE and frantage powders. I melted some UTEE and then poured it onto a tag, made of thick card.  I spread it out with the heat gun,  then added the frantage,  a bit of everything, then heated it from below.  Once it had taken I could heat from above,  then I softened it all and stamped into it. I did take a photo, but it is rubbish so I'll have to retake it, but it did work!    I am now starting to get the hang of the frantage,  the chunky bits are also nice,  I'll add to my collection as and when I can. 

This is a grunge board heart, that had the distress ink daubed on it, not as messy as I thought it was going to be.  Then I left it to dry thoroughly and then embossed it.  I'm liking the effect. So now need more of those! 

It's never ending this craft lark.   I have been seriously tempted by the CnC sale, but had no pennies to spend.  There were a few bargains to be had if you were quick enough.   I also enjoyed the bloopers,  I did think that the Bibster had tempted fate when she said there were no bloopers of her, then proceeded to provide two in two days!    I've also enjoyed Leonie's ad hoc demos,  most worked, one or two certainly didn't and even she agreed!   Nice to know the experts can also get it wrong.

Well I've got a few bits on the go,  all needing to be finished off tomorrow... I hope.  My sister is here at the moment,  not required to keep her entertained,  but even so you do feel obliged to be polite (sort of).  She brought mum one of those scooters, which I frankly don't think is a good idea,  but the 'idea' is that mum will only use it when my sister is here.   I think that will be the case as I don't think mum has the confidence to go out alone on it.  It is also too cumbersome for me to put together, there is also the small matter of charging the battery.   I'm not entirely happy as they didn't consult with me,  and I am the one who has to deal with this stuff on a day to day basis.    There is also the thorny issue of were the thing will be stored,  it cannot stay in the bin shed,  that has the recycling stuff in it, plus the gardening bits and bobs.  They just don't think this stuff through.

I should be back tomorrow to wish you all a Happy New Year...   one resolution I do have - can it stop raining?

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Julia S-W said...

Hi You!
Love the tag you've made and the stamping is lovely. The heart is really lovely, you know how much I love embossing!!
Have you been over to ABAC today? You really should go and have a look!
Will catch up with you soonxxxxxxxx