Sunday, 23 December 2012

It's mad out there!

At 10.15 I was at the supermarket, yes - dangerous at this time of year.  But needs must.  And mad it was,  folk suddenly needing to debate what bacon they want... women dragging husbands with them, or kids, or worse letting kids drive trolleys.   There were the usual morons who think it okay to stop in middle of doorway/aisle to study list/receipt. Plus everyone believes they need to stock up with food/drink cos the shops are shut for one whole day!   I heard that the big stores wanted extended hours for today but it was refused,  how, they bleated would the public manage to get everything ready for Christmas?   You'd think that there had been some last minute announcement that we're having a holiday this week - who could ignore the fact that it is Christmas?   Two more sleeps and then the damp squib. 

Meantime back at the ranch... mum wasn't too good today,  she'd had another minor stroke and was very confused.   Yesterday we had lunch with my niece and her husband,  which was very nice in spite of the terrible weather.  They'd cadged one of those electric scooters for mum to use,  she almost demolished the restaurant!   But today she kept insisting that my sister is buying her one of these scooters,   even tho she was confused she seemed very sure about this.   I'm hopping mad,  we live in a first floor flat, there is nowhere to store a scooter and charge it up,  then there is the small matter of me being able to load it in and out of the car - impossible.   My sister seems also to have forgotten that mum is having these minor strokes, so suggesting mum could use one of these scooters is bonkers.   For the last 3 years my sister has been abroad,  and aside from the odd skype chat with mum she's had very little contact with her.  Now suddenly she is the expert at what mum needs and can cope with!   I was spitting feathers,   if we lived in more suitable accommodation, if mum were healthier then an electric scooter might be a good idea,  but none of those things apply.   So we are in for fireworks on Saturday. 

Mum is now feeling better, she slept most of the day, but has just tucked into some food.  I'm knackered, shopping,  ironing, washing...  stripping beds!    Just managed to squeeze in one quick card make, the one above,  yep it is that poinsettia again!   Also had a sort out of the desk, so it is now a bit more organised,  and got tempted to go spend money at Crafty Individuals.   So hopefully by the end of the week I should get my parcel of stamps and something very different!

Just had a pop over to ABAC to see what the new challenge is...  well it has whetted the appetite!

All for now folks, hope you are all ready for the big day,  and that you are all safe. 

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