Sunday, 16 December 2012


The marathon that was the Christmas swap is completed - I was even organised!    Cut the card,  blending,  then embossing each piece,  cuttlebugging them,  stamping, backing and the finishing touches...  no wonder I'm knackered.   Even sorted out the envelopes. 

I also managed, while the light was good, to take a better photo of that tag.  Sadly what isn't showing up is the white embossing :-(   But I do love my new stamp!   Was really spoilt for choice,  oh for an unlimited bank balance. 

Today was also an upsetting day,  mum didn't have a good night,  and had an 'accident',   which always leaves her embarrassed.  I had been hoping to meet up with a few friends for an hour or so,  but that was out of the question when I saw how low mum was.   So the usual boring Sunday,  broken only by the SBB, Sunday Bacon Butty - which is a must.   We'll have a nice roast in the week as I've got a very nice piece of beef,  and the following day we'll have scouse!   Just the sort of food you need on these grey days.

I also need to get my act together and complete the Christmas food shop,  been getting bits and bobs, the Turkeys will be in on the 19th,  we just need a smallish Turkey crown.  I'd prefer it not to last much longer than Boxing Day.    Just not been feeling enthusiastic,  I usually manage to summon up some eagerness,  but just a short way into the shopping my leg is really sore which isn't helping.  I had hoped for an immediate improvement, but it seems I'll have to wait till everything settles down.  Ho hum.   Got cards sorted,  just about,  see I said I was short on enthusiasm!   Just hope that bloody die finally arrives tomorrow,  never will I go back to that seller! 

Sports Personality is near the end,  my feeling it is going to be Wiggins,  a really tough field to choose from,  really I think Andy Murray deserves it for having ended the run of 76 years since a Brit won a Grand slam. 

More crafting tomorrow I hope,  enjoyable stuff...!

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Julia S-W said...

Sorry your Mum had a bad time which of course means you have to step in despite your other plans - I'm sure she loves you for it.
Now that stamp is stunning!! I love it alot and your tag is really lovely. I have I seen that green die cut before?
Back trying to catch up but these blasted bugs just don't seem to want to leave me - at least I'm vaguely human now and have managed my second piece of crafting in two weeks! Rubbish time to feel grotty!
Good luck with the shop etc.