Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Scraping away....

Uggh...  scraping time.  Car covered in heavy frost,  inside and out.   Old car took an age before it defrosted, new car was all toasty in a few minutes!   Sadly mum wasn't, she was still dragging her heels as she does every morning,  which then holds me up!    I had wanted to get to the supermarket early, but in spite of mum's early start I still didn't make it till nearly 11 a.m.  By which time she'd also talked herself out of meeting a friend for lunch cos it was icy.  I did suggest she delay her decision as the sun was beginning to melt the ice...   but she'd already decided.    Rather a depressing day all round really,  should I lumber you with this?   I was okay when I woke up,  felt happyish, sun was out, blue sky, yes it was blooming cold, but one of those lovely crisp days.    Left to my own devices I'd have had the supermarket shop sorted early,  then chosen to go have a hobble by the beach, then to have coffee with a friend.   Instead I end up twiddling thumbs,  listening to brother (who knows best) getting his way...  I'm just the hired help obviously. 

Then realised I'd forgotten that the Dec swap was red and green... ho hum, raspberries and all that.  Still needed a birthday card,  out of ideas,   then I had one!   Revamping Dec swap, first one was okay, then it all went belly up...   do I need this?    Nice Xmas card done, see pic,  looks much better IRL,  used some spray and shine on the poinsetta,  and ordered the die from ebay,  it said free postage so naturally I didn't pay for any postage,  half an hour later I get email from seller saying there was a cock up and there was postage to pay!  So paid it, hoping for acknowledgement...  nope, so no idea if die is on its way or not!    Brother's attitude still grating,  decide I am fed up of my family and wish to divorce the lot of them.    Look back at crafting and: I've completed two boxes for bookatrix cards, made Xmas card, and birthday card,  have some suitable presents...    just can't get to gift wrap which my stoopid sister decided to store on top shelf in cloakroom, I did ask her to take them off the shelf! 

So a decided lot of fedupness going on here,  got friend arriving tomorrow.   By 3pm we'll be knee deep in Xmas decs and I'll be laughing.   I hope.   December swap...  you may just get what I've made... tough if it doesn't match!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Cassidy, oh dear, there's days that are just sent to try us! It sounds like you are at the beck and call of your whole family ... time for some 'me time' I think!

The card is beautiful - I like the panel the poinsettia is on. I like the way you've finished the poinsettia and how you've used the gold fir bits - never know what to call them - they look terrific.

Hope you have a great day tomorrow to compensate for today :) Elizabeth xx

BJ said...

Aww Cassidy, knew I hadn't seen you around much, sorry to hear of the ups and downs.
Love what you have done with Elizabeth's poinsettia and agree you needed the die, hope it has arrived now.
Big Hugs