Thursday, 6 December 2012


Think Jack Frost has arrived, it is blooming freezing!   No snow,  but lots of frost and icy rain.    I do need to get something to keep the knees warm,  metal and cold do not a good combination make! 

No decs up yet,  they are still in the loft, awaiting rescue.   I may attempt it.  If I'm not around next week then you'll know it all ended in disaster.  

I had a play today with new craft stuff.   The Frantage arrived :-))   And yesterday I popped up to craft shop for more white supersmooth card stock,  and ended up also buying a background stamp.  I also spotted the splodge mats, the new heat guns and all the other new goodies....   my Christmas list is getting longer by the minute.

So here is my simple effort for today,  using the new frantage mix,  the chunky stuff,  got myself into a bit of a to do with the utee, but then sorted it out.   I do need a two speed heat gun if I am going to do this frantage thing properly, so it is on the wish list.   Or a melt art pot... I think that would be the better option really.   I used the new background stamp,  I'd call it crackle,  just used some versamark and silver powder - yes it looks like gold,  poor lighting I am afraid.    But it was fun just to mess, last few days have been a bit serious with getting some swap stuff done,   now I'm geared up for some Christmas cards, which will be tomorrow's task.   Not sure if I am up to it but next on the list is to come up with a festive/birthday present,  have the idea, just not sure I can execute it.   If not then I do have a plan B!    That nice Mr Tesco also sent me a voucher for £4 off a magazine,  so I grabbed a craft mag,  Papercrafts, as I liked the wooden embellishments. 

I have my car back with me,  she seems to be 'cured',  so far no bill from garage,  I'm wondering if they forgot to do something when they replaced the faulty part?  My mechanic was muttering something about how you need to 'reset' these newer cars, as you do with a computer, when you've replaced a part.  I'm lucky to have a good mechanic, and one who is also honest,  he's always admitted if he has made a mistake - I call that good customer service.  But lovely to have some freedom,  walking is out of the question right now, so having the car is a bonus.  Managed to hobble round the supermarket the other day,  so nice to just get out and about. 

More crafting tomorrow, and maybe more pics.  Stay safe and warm.

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