Saturday, 9 November 2013

A Blast of Winter

It's very remiss of me to miss so many posts.  The reason lies in this picture,  as it has become the bane of my life.   I have been asked to make a shadow box picture of the Tor in Glastonbury.  Finding an image of the Tor I could use was the easy part,  deciding on a background, finding all the bits and bobs etc has been the difficult bit.  I'm almost there with it. 

I took this pic a week ago.  Still unsure whether to go with a dark background or light one, now I've seen the light one again I think I prefer it. Some of the bits on this piece will not be on the finished piece.

I was in Glastonbury the week before last,  just for a weekend.  It was nice to get away.   Mind you I had the journey from hell on the way down.  I'd only just got on the M6 and I got held up by an accident,  no major injuries thank goodness.  I lost count of the police cars that raced to the scene, seemed like they didn't have much to do.    Once I got past that the journey to Birmingham was easy peasy,  all was fine till the M42 and then the speed kept changing, 50, 40, 30, but the motorway was clear so the speed restrictions made no sense.   So what should have taken around 3.5 hours took 6 hours!  I was very fed up when I arrived.  My SatNav had also stopped talking to me,  think it was offended when I yelled at it for recalculating!   The map bit worked.    Nevertheless I had a lovely weekend, and met the new resident at the B&B, Apache, the black and white cat, who decided to adopt me and my friend for the weekend, and also shared our room.  We didn't mind as we are both cat lovers.

I've also now been accepted onto the Art Therapy course, and will be starting this Thursday.  Would you believe they phoned me on the Friday that I was driving down to Glastonbury!  I have no answer machine so luckily they phoned me back.  We did all the form filling last week,  and got more background on what to expect, and who our tutors will be.  So I'm chuffed.  It also looks like the long saga of the PIP claim may be coming to an end,  had to make several phone calls,  it isn't the fault of the DWP, they did their bit quickly, yes it is ATOS who is at fault.  They did admit to a backlog,  and then blathered on about wanting to be accurate,  as if! 

And it seems winter has arrived.   We enjoyed a fifteen minute hail storm,  followed by a thunderstorm, and then back to rain.   During the day it had been quite nice, the rain held off and it was sunny.

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