Friday, 15 November 2013


I've had a lovely day today.   The week didn't get off to a good start, it was grey, cold and raining and it seemed my mood decided to match the weather.  Then yesterday it was my first Art Therapy session,  I was a little anxious, which was ironic as the idea of the therapy is to help with anxiety!   Once I got there I felt better, the group is small, there were six of us yesterday, there should have been two more.  Our course leaders, or artists are lovely, so friendly they made us all feel welcome.   We soon discovered what our project was going to be - glass painting.   We'll each have an A3 piece of perspex to decorate,  like stained glass, but using paints and something that looked like lead lining.   We watched a presentation on stained glass installations,  from cathedrals to modern art,  all were amazing.   Then we were asked to just come up with some sketches,  we've got to make something that reflects us, or our feelings and that we will find inspirational.    I had no idea what I wanted to do, a lot of ideas went through my head, a buddha, owl,  I drew a geometric design, which everyone liked.  It was when I got home and sat down with my sketch pad that my idea came to me - a Mandala!  So I was sketching all morning,  and now have most of the design,  it needs to be transferred to A3 paper.  I want to get the drawing bit out of the way so I can get going on the painting bit.  I felt so excited,  the rest of the group is really nice,  I met two at the taster session, so there were some friendly faces.  But everyone was just so friendly and understanding. 

I also had a nice surprise when I got home, my shamballa kit had arrived.  The beads are gorgeous, hematite, which is good if you need grounding, along with some sparkly beads.  The first thing I did was to repair my old bracelet,  I'd tried before using some stiff cord, but it was too stiff.  The result can be seen in the above pic.  I referred to the pics on the C&C website,  here's the link (if you are interested) Shamballa instructions.   It looks complicated, but I assure you it isn't.  Once you get the hang of the actual knot, you are away.  

These are the beads from the actual kit, the blingy one is just beautiful.  I think this took me about twenty minutes.   I used a storage box lid, A4, plastic, that I have for my card and paper.  It is just right for holding the cord tight,  you can use the corner for the final bit, making the fastening.   It's up to you how much space you want between the beads, how many beads you want etc.

Well I hope to have the mandala pattern made over the weekend.  I've also got to put the finishing touches to the shadow box.  I tried to explain what it was yesterday to John, one of the course leaders,  the I said it would be easier to show him.   He was very intrigued by embossing powders, frantage and the like, nor had he heard of steampunk!   There are a couple of other art classes running alongside the art therapy, so I am  hoping to go to either or both!   Well it is better than wandering around shops, or being stuck inside, so easy to take the easy option with depression.   Both classes are at the same venue as the art therapy, it has plenty of parking and is only a few minutes from home.

So I've got a busy weekend ahead, I've decided to take the bull by the  horns and go visit a Christmas fair, can't say I've enjoyed the Christmas stuff coming into the shops.  But there is no avoiding it.

Enjoy your weekend, and thank you for stopping by.

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