Monday, 18 November 2013

Not boxing clever

It seems to have taken an age to get the shadow frame together,  and it isn't quite 'together'.  Still not sure about the layout,  and methinks the background needs more definition.   The mojo keeps coming and going, mostly going.

I did make another shamballa bracelet, I'm really getting the hang of it now.

I also have an idea for an abstract picture.  Though  I need to focus on a new home card and some ATC's, but I'm not in the mood for either. I think Craft Artist may be employed for the New Home card!

Well I may not be happy with the layout, but I am happy with this corner.  It's not showing up very well in this pic,  it is these gloomy days, just no good for taking photos.  I found a faux pearl necklace, so I de-strung it,  and made some springs from gold wire, the roses were cut from black card and brushed with gilding wax.

I have to take this with me on Thursday to the Art Therapy session.  The tutors were interested in what a shadow box was.   I've also finished my Mandala outline,  now I can't wait to get it onto the perspex.   I was thinking today that I've got some pieces of glass, so I may invest in some glass paints.

I have found a great way of staying warm,  heat pads!   I got some for my back, I can say that they keep you nice and toasty.  The back has really been playing up lately,  it puts you off doing things. As on Saturday,  I just popped to the local shopping centre to get a few things, and to have a look round M&S, but I was soon down to a shuffle.  Think I'll have to invest in one of those shopping trolleys,  I would have got one from Argos only the queue was horrendous.  I'm afraid Christmas is also getting to me,  I would prefer it if the shops would at least wait till December, or maybe the very end of November.  I've always thought all the fuss was stupid,  as for all the rubbish talked about the Christmas dinner, it is a fancy roast, that is all.  I cooked my first Christmas dinner when I was sixteen,  we gave mum the day off, my sister wouldn't do the cooking, so it had to be me.   These days everything can be bought pre-prepared,  I do remember peeling mountains of spuds and veg, and making the Christmas pud.

Now I must remember to make a hair appointment,  been meaning to for the last week!

All for now folks, hopefully I will get that shadow box sorted by tomorrow.

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