Thursday, 21 November 2013

Done and dusted

And here it is, complete, finito!   I got the positioning wrong, so had to make a new background,  then I didn't like another element, so made another...    I finished it yesterday but it was too dark to take a piccie.  I took it to the Art Therapy group and everyone loved it, so I can only hope that the person who wanted it also likes it!

At Art Therapy we watched a documentary on Brian Clarke, who is a renowned artist who works with stained glass.  And if you like boxes, then try Joseph Cornell  - I think he will inspire you.

For my glass painting I'm going to tackle a mandala,  these can be really personal.  Most think that they have to be circlular, but in fact you can use a square, not do they have to be uniform. 

I wanted a flower design,  but I didn't want it to be too complex as I have to use gutta, a relief paint, to outline the whole thing.  

Next week we should get going on the actual painting.  We've had people dropping in to say hello to us newbies,  which is really nice.  I also got an invite to the Christmas party! 

This is the other possibility... decisions, decisions!   Although at least I have a design, poor Vicky has yet to decide what she wants to do, though she was looking at Tiffany lamps.  We both agreed that they are divine, and that they would lend themselves to glass painting.  I hope she manages to reach a decision soon.

When I drove home tonight from the Art Therapy there was the most beautiful sunset.  I looked at the clouds bathed in a red and golden glow, the sky looked so magical.   I was so engrossed in it that I almost missed the green light.  Oops.   Everything was serene until a fighter jet roared past overhead.  They often do that, think they head up to Scotland, do  a U turn and come back. 

Well I started this an hour or so ago,   it got interrupted by a skype call.   Now my bed is calling me, I hope I get a lie in tomorrow.   The forecast is for a dry, sunny day....  I can only hope!   Thanks for stopping by.

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