Sunday, 24 November 2013

Brrrrrr - Jack Frost has been out and about

What a chilly week it has been.  I'm thankful that my flat is so well insulated,  when the sun has been out the living room has been lovely and warm.

So to crafting.  Well I decided to  have a go at glass painting, just couldn't wait any longer.  So I picked up a glass painting kit from the craft shop, and some other bits, got some glass ornaments and a very cute wooden owl cut out. Sorry can't resist owls.   I looked on Youtube for some tutorials on glass painting and picked up a lot of useful tips.  The two main points were how to apply the outliner, or gutta, and the paint. I was glad I did take the trouble to have a look as it saved much grief.  As it was I quickly realised that the kit I'd got wasn't up to what I want to do, but it will suffice for practice purposes.  The outliner isn't very good.  That's why I chose to emboss on this heart,  and then apply the paint on the reverse, and I did want it to be streaky!   I've been practicing, as many of the tutorials suggested on some acetate, my lines are almost straight,  and I'm gaining better control.   My other lesson was - don't skimp on tools,  I didn't get the proper brushes, luckily I did have a solid paint brush.  So with the glass painting experiment under way I turned my attention to a Christmas present.

I picked up this little wooden box for £1.75, it was of course plain.  It's for a friend's mum, who happens to like boxes  I didn't necessarily want it to be Christmassy.  I had some decopatch paper of owls,  that was to go on the top,  I first applied the gilding wax to the top of the box,  then the decopatch paper was applied.  The lower part of the box was painted red, in fact three different shades of red!   It looks bright here, but it is a bit darker.

Here's the top with the decopatch paper.  It came from a free kit with Crafts Beautiful.  I did give the top a coat of black poster paint.

I wanted to break up the red on the lower half of the box.  I used this lovely stamp,  it was hard to match up on all four sides so I cheated a little.  At the corners I used an embossing pen to draw a line on each side of the corner and then applied the powder.  The idea was to cover up the joins!

For the inside I painted the sides black.  I was being very careful, even remembered to use masking tape!  So unlike me to be this methodical.  I cut some felt for the top and bottom, and glued it into place.  The fetl also came from the Crafts Beautiful magazine, it should be used to make felt animals.  However it is far too stiff,  so I have decided to use it in other projects.

I've not yet decided how to finish off the top. I've got two ideas, as shown here.  The handbag has to go on as my friend's mum loves handbags.  I've also added more detail to the top, just to tidy up the edges.  I will take more pics tomorrow.

I've had a lovely few days making the box and messing with the glass paints.   More fun tomorrow I hope, and you never know maybe this will be the week I get to learn if my PIP claim has been successful or not!  Yes it is still going on,  this government couldn't organise a p*** up in a brewery.  Their incompetence knows no bounds.   Some decisions to stop benefits have been ludicrous, as in the case of the blind lady who had her benefits stopped because she refused to consider a cleaning job...  or the chap who was told he had to attend a course,  which he'd already done, he was told by one person he didn't have to do the course, so he didn't and then had his benefits stopped - he has 3 children,  or the woman who's jobseekers allowance was stopped because she said the job she was told to apply for was too far away, some 30 miles from her home, she has no car and it would have been impossible for her to get there by public transport.   As for all this nonsense about changes in rules, well it has always been part of your jobseekers contract that you will actively look for work, keep a job diary,   make note of all jobs applied for etc. The government trys to make it look like they are making changes, they aren't,  and also imply that all jobseekers are lazy good for nothings, which they aren't. 

I'll get off my soap box, and wish you a happy week.  Thanks for stopping by.

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