Friday, 29 November 2013

All that glitters

So much for my bright idea to make the Xmas ATCs for the swap, cos they should be blue!   Rats and double fink.  Good thing I'd only made 3,  and the flowers will be used for some cards.

I hope next week to show a picture of my glass painting.  I made a start on outlining it on the perspex.  I've used the 'lead' and outliner.  I was a bit nervous about the outliner,  not having been very successful with the one I got from the craft shop, I thought I'd have the same problems. But, well those we are using in the art therapy are much better quality, and so go on easily!  I've just got a bit more outlining to do and I can start with the painting.  The 'lead' isn't real lead,  it comes on a reel, and is self adhesive, but it gives the lead look to the picture.  That was quite easy to use.   At least I know now to avoid any cheap glass paint products.

I also got round to finishing off the box, which I decided to enter into the fantastic ABAC challenge, always great fun, and there are some amazing things to see.

I decided I didn't like the dark top so I embossed some gold card.  I hadn't intended it to have a Christmas theme, but on a search for red card I came across some glitter paper.  I did wonder if the spellbinders would go through it,  it has a cloth backing and is pretty thick.  Anyway I tried and...  ta dah!   It took a couple of passes in the machine but it worked a treat.  I used hot glue to stick it down,  it is a much nicer red in real life. But I am really happy with the finished result.

I finished off the front with this little handbag charm,  trying to make it look like a clasp.  Oh I also put some ribbon round the lid.  And did a bit more edging with the embossing pen round the sides.  I am now officially happy with it!

I've also sorted out two Christmas presents.  This is the inside of the box with another shamballa bracelet.   I can say that I have now got the hang of the shamballa bracelets!   And after a lot of faffing I have managed to use the smaller beads as stoppers.  At first I couldn't put the thread through them,  in the end I sort of 'burnt' the ends of the cord to make it narrower, then it went through.  

Here's the bracelet in close up.  You really get into a rhythm with the knotting.  And they are quick to make, around twenty minutes from start to finish.   I also found you didn't need as much cord as they say on the website, I only used 130cm for the knotting cord, and around 30 cm for the bracelet.  Of course for a larger wrist you'd need to alter the measurements.   Nice thing to do in front of the telly.

Now best to close your ears...  I am mad,  I'd be  hopping mad if I was capable of hopping.  I called the DWP today about my PIP claim.  They said they still hadn't received the paperwork from ATOS. So called ATOS and after being told they still had the paperwork I let rip.  The chap said he'd find out what was happening,  he came back to say all the claims are now being audited!   How bloody stupid is that?  If they want a health professional to make a decision then why not use proper doctors for the assessments?   He couldn't tell me how long it would take, so I let rip again, then I apologised for shouting at him.  I let rip a third time in an email to ATOS.  This is the Tory government for you,  incapable of any sort of efficiency, or leadership.   They simply decided to choose the soft targets, those claiming benefits, we are far easier to beat up, and of course the propoganda in the press doesn't help.   They always highlight the wasters, the frauds, but not the real people who claim benefits and are not living the high life, but are barely making ends meet.  The Idiot Duncan Smith,  is clueless and a coward, so far he has refused to answer questions on PIP in Parliament.   Can I tell you that this policy change is costing a fortune to implement,  there is a huge backlog,  ATOS has had to take on more staff,  another tier of staff has been added to that for the audit...    All those who are successful with thier claims are entitled to have their claim fully backdated.   But then who cares, this government doesn't,  it wants us all to be in debt, it encourages some to apply for mortgages that will cripple them when interest rates go up, it forces others into debt by penalising them for having a spare room.  It doesn't think of imposing a windfall tax on the energy companies, instead it wimpishly asks them to please freeze prices - as if!   The energy market is privatised,  who by, guess who...   and their function is to make profit, they want us to use lots of gas and electricity, if we don't then they whack up the prices.    We do not have a competitive market, we have a cartel,  and we get ripped off.  In the meantime our MPs claim back heating and lighting allowances!

Well I did warn you...  have a good weekend

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Susan M. Brown {sbartist} said...

Maggie - thanks for sharing your beautiful projects with the current "Anything Goes with a Holiday Twist" challenge #30 at Anything But a Card Challenges. Would you please mind mentioning the challenge in your post and linking back so others may play along. Happy Holidays :) Sb