Friday, 18 April 2014

Another day, another picture

I sat down early at my craft desk.  The canvas was already prepped,  now I just had to sort out what was going to go on it.   I'd had this postcard, it came with some stamps, and I've never known how to use it.  So that was to be the main focus,  just needed to find what would enhance it,  felt that less would be more.  So after trying bits and bobs I'd nailed it all down, well not literally.  

Next task, to make a blue poppy.  I took a bit more time with it,  going for soft shades, and remembering to curl the petals!

And here is the finished pic.  I dry brushed some white onto the blue, used a scrap of decopatch,  painted a flourish blue, then gave it a coat of glossy accents,  cut the birds on a wire, and added the sentiment:

Memories make what we are
Dreams make what we'll be

Which I got off an internet site.  At first I tried the TH words, but couldn't find all the words I need in white!  So just printed it onto some card. 
Already planning the next pic! 

Thought I'd share some close ups of the embellishments I got yesterday. They are by DoCrafts,  I thought they were plain, but in fact they have some lovely detail on the reverse side.  I've taken a liking to these wooden embellishments, and are reasonably priced.

These are the keys and padlocks, just chipboard but that means lots of scope for decoration.   

I had a busy day today,  up early,  but I had a decentish night's sleep.  I tackled some ironing, not all of it, I've risked getting out the summer togs,  all the T shirts need ironing!   After that I cleaned the car, with my new spray and go, well that is what I'm calling it. Just spray the stuff on, and wipe it off, and the car is clean.  Brilliant, beats all that washing lark.  I also had to give some of the outdoor plants a drink,  sadly one rose bush has died, or it is dying, I'll have to take it out.  No idea what has happened to it.  Everything else has come back, even one plant that I really thought was dead has bounced back.   I'll have to think about bedding plants soon, do I chance some busy lizzies?     Have no idea if I am getting a new fence,  no doubt the first I will know about it is when they turn up to do the job.    

Well all for now,  thanks for stopping by.

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