Saturday, 26 April 2014

What a plonker..

Me that is,  for leaving my camera behind at art therapy!     I felt sure I'd put it into my bag, but I was a bit flustered.   I'd not had a very good few days, and was very tired from lack of sleep, the class perked me up,  but the brain was very definitely NOT in gear.  I left a little early, so I am hoping that someone saw it and is keeping it safe. 

It is frustrating to be without a camera,  yes I have the phone but no cable to upload them.  Kindle has a front facing camera,  which makes is very awkward to take pictures!  

I did manage this,  my lace,  drying after being dipped in dylusions and water.  Yes you are asking yourself why...

Well the new project for art therapy is to make a mandala.  On Thursday we made a collective one, and had I remembered to put the camera back in my bag you could have seen the lovely pics I took!  Next week we begin to make our individual mandalas.   I wanted to really make a mandala as they should be made, with reverance and that it has an intention.    I was wondering what to use, I don't want to simply use paint,  and whilst getting dressed I spotted the piece of lace on my craft desk.  I took a more careful look at it and realised I could cut it into sections,  rather like you can with the Tattered Lace dies.   So I began experimenting,  well after I'd got my shopping!   I came up with three patterns,  then had to consider how to colour them, and what colours I'd use.  The use of colour in a mandala is important,  each colour expresses something.  I chose Blue - for emtional healing, inner peace and meditation,  Green - for love, intuition,  Purple - spiritual.    The dylusions worked a treat,  I had to experiment to see which ratio of dylusion to x parts water worked best, and I could make them a little darker.   

I had a square canvas, so I drew two circles, and have begun to form the pattern.  It was immensely satisfying.   I've go another idea for the one I'll do in class, and for that I need to get the Grand Calibur out!   Ooh, glad I did this blog, cos the rest of the idea for the second one has come to me, now need also to cut a lot of letters!   I am going to be seriously challenged methinks.

I went to the follow up class to art therapy, I just popped in to introduce myself,  didn't have any ideas as to what I wanted to do, and wasn't sure I was in the mood to stay for the whole class.  I'd been edgy all day,  I'd almost decided not to go, only my friend rang to say she was.  I'm glad she did as I needed to get over the hurdle of actually getting myself there.   The tutor was lovely, she could see that I was ill at ease, so we had a chat and she told me not to feel silly, and that everyone worries.  Actually everyone was very nice, I got offered sweets, tea and some scrumptious looking choccie biscuits.  At least now I know the etiquette,  bring choc biscuits, sweets etc.  I will go next week, and I'll stay. 

I had a much better night last night, slept all the way through till 6,  had breakfast in bed, and snoozed on till 8.30, a result!    Just had a relaxing day,  think that was all I needed. So just a supermarket trip,  not as mad as last week,  in fact very civilised.   Just had to deal with an idiot driver on the way home who decided to slam on at the zebra crossing,  no idea why, a woman had appeared to walk towards it,  I'd noticed her but then I could see she was waiting to use the ATM.   So shopping got sent all over the back of the car!   At home I could only find one bottle of wine...  now how could a bottle of wine disappear in a car?   Checked under the seats, nope, not there...  had I left in supermarket, nope, remembered packing the two bottles into the bag.   Had a cup of tea, some lunch and tried again... it was there, it had somehow found its way over to the passenger side and was nestling under the front passenger seat.  Phew, crisis averted. 

So this week will be thin on blogging...  hope normal service will be resumed on Thursday when I get my camera back.

Thanks for stopping by.

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