Thursday, 17 April 2014

Oh dear...

The new Hobbycraft opened today.  I was hoping to be there early, but those plans were scuppered by my Housing association who needed to look at my central heating... so had to wait in.   Luckily they turned up at 11, and only took ten minutes, bad news is that they need to replace the boiler, bother! 

So it was off to Hobbycraft! The place was packed, as was the car park.  I had a good mooch about, and picked up a few bits, two packs of decopatch, two dies, couple of packs of embellishments, some TH stuff, and a pot of black embossing powder.   The dies I got are at the front of the picture, I've got two birds on a wire stamps, but still liked the die,  then I spotted the Susan's garden die by Sizzix,  just couldn't resist this.

Here it is opened, I was impressed that it had instructions and the handy pocket.  The dies cut really well, and it has all you need to make the flower.  There was also a rose, which I'll get next time. 

I cut it using white card, then used my promarkers to colour it.  I may also try painting one to see which works best, but I was very happy with the results.  Not use the bird on a wire die yet... but will get round to it soon.

I could have spent a fortune,  my one gripe with them is that they have none of the recognised glues, or many stamp sets, love to see Indigo Blu and others in their stores. 

This is the finished flower,  the colouring needs work, but I was being impatient. 

I won't be deserting my other craft shop, they are more specialised and offer me more choice in stamps, ink pads etc.   I'll be going back, but when it is a bit quieter. 

Feeling excited about the next art therapy project,  it is making a mandala!  I'm partly responsible for the choice,  because of my glass painting, and cos I'd showed the tutors a book I'd got on them,  that proved inspirational to one of the tutors who bought it.  Now I can't wait.

Feeling much better now,  mood has really improved and I've had a bit more energy,  helped by getting some sleep.  All for now, hope to have more pics tomorrow.

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