Friday, 4 April 2014

That Friday feeling

Yes, once again I was up before the birds.  Tried going back to sleep,  gave up and got up.  An hour later, after tidying up the kitchen I was washing net curtains and cleaning windows.  Well that did for my wrist... sat down, had a cup of coffee, indulged in an episode of MASH and The Waltons, then for some inexplicable reason I chose to steam clean the carpet, like my wrist and back weren't hurting enough.  But,  but... the carpet is looking clean!  Even managed to get rid of the spot where mum used to rest her feet, the pile was so flat... but I teased it all up.  So I have half a carpet that looks clean,  need to build up some energy for to do the next half. 

After that I felt I deserved some time at my craft table.  My current mixed media picture is ongoing.   Had art therapy yesterday, so I've not touched the picture since Tuesday.  This is how it looked then, just with stuff plonked on top of it.  This was me working out what worked and what didn't.  Liked the colour,  loved the bits of paper and cardboard,  not sure about the other bits.  Oh the organge bird house wasn't going to stay orange,  I was only seeing if it fitted.    More thinking time was needed....

Fast forward to today. Looking different,  bird house has gone,   not much is actually stuck down, so I am still at the playing stage.  And even what is stuck down can be removed.  This ain't working...   back to the drawing board!   I'm stuck between two ideas, so once I decide which one I'm going with then I'll be happy.  Think that is why I am feeling the need to clean things! 

Going to change the curtains in the living room, need some brightness in there.   Art Therapy was good,  many of the memory boxes were almost finished, we all had a few finishing touches to do to them, only two were unfinished.  One chap hadn't even made much of an effort,  in fact he hadn't made much of an effort in any of the workshops, he even said so.   I'm trying not to be annoyed with him as all of us in the group have depression, and that is a bastard of an illness. 

I got a few parcels through from ebay,  some TH grungeboard die cuts,  and some stuff for the memory box.  I'm just waiting for one more piece, then I can finish it, and take some photos.   No idea what our next project will be,  I asked one of the tutors, but he said: I have no idea.  I've joined the follow on group,  I start next week.  And I had a talk to one of the tutors yesterday, she'd noticed how 'down' I was.   I was ready for the anniversary, steeled myself for Mother's Day, but hadn't given much thought to the funeral date,  and that seems to have affected me the most.  I'm picking up now,  got things to keep me busy this weekend, number one being the picture!  

Thanks for stopping by to listen to my ramblings.... have a good weekend.

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