Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Seriously challenged.

The swap challenge for this month (in our online craft group) was this prompt: Art for a Cause.  The idea came from Journal 92, and I suggested it to our group.  So what happened?  My mind went blank!  So I did what I usually do, pushed to the back of my mind until the deadline was looming and hope I got an idea.  

I did finally get an idea, to make a tag for CRUSE, the organisation for the bereaved as they do fantastic work.  I even went as far as making the tag using the new set of stamps from Get Stamping. I toyed with a few layouts, and the stamps, I was semi happy with this but it wasn't grabbing me.  Though you can see it is a lovely set of stamps.  So it was back to the drawing board, this tag could be used if I failed to come up with any other ideas.  Luckily my depression kicked in,  yes odd thing to say, but it reminded me of MIND, and then in the paper today there was an article on them, so took that as a sign and got cracking.

First task was the capture the slogan that MIND are going to use in a campaign:  Time to Change. So it was obvious - a clock.   I had the Tando shapes,  and chose this alarm clock, which I painted with the decoart metallics, then added some black stones.  That was set aside to dry, while I thought about the background and colour.   I chose to stick with a tag,  there was some nice blue card laying around, and white card, then I spotted a strip of washables...  right that was the card sorted.  Now it needed to be altered, embossed and stamped on.

I used a range of stamps, Indigo Blu,  and a Kaiser background stamp, did toy with the notion of some TH stamps, had them handy just in case.   I did second generation stamping with a Versamark archival inkpad.  Then I used some distress inks, two blues and a yellow, just randomly as was my fancy.

It was looking good,  I trimmed the washables, cutting round one edge of the diamonds.    Tag is 20cm by 11cm.  Then it was time for a cuppa, and to think about what to put on it.  I also got caught up in an FB conversation with a friend, she was feeling a bit down, she's often come to my rescue so I was happy to return the favour, and we ended up arranging to have coffee next week.

Then it was back to the tag... what would look good on it?  A flourish,  maybe, I had the clock,  it didn't need too much...

Sorted, two hinges, one big and one small.  I covered them with white embossing powder to make them stand out. Then added a few gems to represent the screws.  It was starting to develop nicely.  Next task, to sort through my 'letters',  now in a small drawer, just had to hope that I had all the letters in the right colours.   It took a while but I managed to get all the letters, phew.  Time to put it together.

Fiddliest bit was sticking the letters on, and of course trying to keep them straight.  Just abotu managed it.  Yep, like this, I punched a hole and found some nice yellow ribbon. 

Funny, I don't use yellow much in my work, but it made a nice change.   The blue and yellow match my mood,  it has been very up and down for the last week.  At the weekend the wheels came off, and I had a real downer.   It was caused by my increased anxiety at having to get my unfit note renewed.  I made an appointment on Friday, but when I arrived at the surgery I realised the doctor on duty was the one who'd upset me last time, so I cancelled the appointment.  I was lucky that the staff know me, and know that I am not prone to cancel appointments like that.  So I had to go back, and of course in the back of my mind was the prospect of having to see this doctor, he is a locum, I had to hope that my usual doctor would be on duty come Monday.  I just let myself get wound up.

On Monday, after a sleepless night, and looking like death warmed up I was back at the surgery, luckily it was my usual doctor. He was lovely,  and very caring, we had a nice chat, I asked for more counselling and he was happy to grant my wish.  And he gave my my unfit note with no problem or silly platitudes like the other idiot.   The afternoon should have been pleasant as I was booking on an art therapy outing, but I was so tired and still wound up that I didn't enjoy it.  I couldn't join in the chat,  just had no energy.   Then I panicked, remembered that my note was due on the 11th, and it was the 14th, did the unfit note have the right date?   I had to get home,  yep it had the wrong date, back to surgery, left note for doctor to change.   More worry,  phone call at 6pm, receptionist telling me that my note was in date, no change was needed, thanked her profusely.   Today I woke up refreshed, took some Nytol last night, desperately needed some sleep.   With the sun shining I decided to head out for a walk, had to post a few letters,  so off I went.  Felt much better for being out in the sun and fresh air. Sadly my back wasn't agreeing, it didn't like all this nonsense and soon began complaining. 

Oh the last pic, well I couldn't resist using the topper as I like the sentiment, so I put it on the back of the tag, I used blue card and it was embossed with folder.   And there you go.  Stuck in tomorrow, have to wait for a man to come look at my fence, then on Thursday had to wait for another man to come assess my central heating.  Hope the latter isn't late as I want to go to the new Hobbycraft.

All for now folks, enjoy the sunshine, it isn't going to last!

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BJ said...

Super SWAP tag Cassidy, the lettering is cool and the yellow and blue is great too. Know exactly what you mean about the doctors, I get in a muddle about it all too. Think I'd rather put up with my monthly mayhem than go through the "system" yet again. BJ