Sunday, 27 April 2014

Did it!

Yay, I managed to take a decent picture with the Kindle!    Now I have a painful hand from trapping it in a drawer... don't ask. 

So this was my afternoon.  I finished off the Lace Mandala.   I thoroughly enjoyed putting this together,  I will be looking for more lace to cut up.  The dylusion experiment continued, I added more dylusion and redipped the lace,  some I left overnight, they are the darkest.  I used some ric rac to define the circles, finishing off with the lace border.  Now I have to start the cutting for the next one.   I'm hoping they give us a large canvas, otherwise my idea may not work.   Had news on the camera,  well sort of, word has been passed onto the tutors to see if they picked it up, fingers crossed.

Another decent sleep last night,  I did wake up but managed to go right back to sleep and snoozed on till 6.30, had breakfast in bed (again, very decadent) and continued my snooze until 9.30.  Then it was up and at em,  kind of.  First task was to tackle mountain of ironing, that was after I'd woken up with my usual two cups of tea and a peruse of the crossword.   And boy was there a lot of ironing, most of my summer togs had been in the wash for a freshen up, plus bedding.  Next job was to dye my hair, I'd left it au natural,  or greyish,  but I decided yesterday that I should go back to the hair dye.  So I have gone pink!   Just joking,  its dark blonde,  much more me,   tho it is a bit darker than I thought, but it has some nice highlights.   Then it was bacon butty time, well earned after all that activity,  also needed the energy to do all the washing up.  I can never figure out how one person can end up with a pile of dirty dishes.   With all that done, I enjoyed a mini walk to corner shop, saw the Liverpool fans heading for the pub, wondered whether to shout 'come on Chelsea',  perhaps not.  And then it was back to the craft table,  everything was dry having been left in the sun,  so it was out with the glue to put it all together.   It is now hanging in my bedroom.  The intention is set,  so I will start meditating upon it.

All for now, hope you've all had an enjoyable weekend.

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